Daniel Baron

2023 Spring Training Coach Coach Daniel took up running at the age of 40 when his doctor recommended “a little aerobic exercise.” Since then, he has run everything from 5Ks […]

Kurt Jewell

2023 Spring Training Coach Coach Kurt picked up his love of running at a 2 mile road race over 40 years ago and has been running ever since. Kurt competes […]

Emily Quigley

2022 Spring & Fall Training Coach Emily grew-up watching her parents run and fell in love with her own running journey during high school. Running is not just a form […]

Lou Ann Kycek

2022 TRAINING Coach   Actively participating in life since 2003 when a childhood friend asked her “So what do you do when you’re not working or being a mother or […]

Danny Docherty

Program Director Danny Docherty is an elite runner and coach. A native of St. Paul, MN, he attended Loyola University Chicago where he ran cross-country and track and field at […]

Kym Zest

  2023 Spring Thursdays Kym Zest has been coaching endurance sports for over 15 years.  She’s been an athlete her whole life.  When she was a shy 14 years old at […]

Laurie Goudreault

2021 Fall TRAINING Coach Laurie Goudreault’s Fitness Philosophy -“Exercise makes you feel good physically and emotionally. Setting goals and striving to reach them will enhance all dimensions of your life.” […]

Michael Rodriguez, DPT

2021 Spring Training Coach Dr. Michael Rodriguez, DPT, is a physical therapist, running coach, strength and conditioning specialist, and owner of Endurance Sports Physical Therapy & Performance. A native of […]