Emily Quigley

2022 Spring & Fall Training Coach

Emily grew-up watching her parents run and fell in love with her own running journey during high school. Running is not just a form of exercise, but a source of social connection, empowerment, enjoyment, and challenge! She’s completed numerous marathons and recently ventured into ultra-distances and trail running. Emily’s goal is to empower everyone through running!

Emily has a background as a registered nurse working in the mental health realm since 2011. She’s currently completing a psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner graduate degree and working in clinical research. She’s also been working as a certified personal trainer for Apex Personal Training since 2018 and enjoys coaching clients on strength training and powerlifting.

She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two dogs, Frankie and Clyde! Emily loves exploring new trails, coffee shops, and breweries!

Her current personal goals include setting a new 100k PR, completing an ironman, and finishing grad school!