Marathon Training

This Run Minnesota Training program is designed to prepare you for a fun and successful marathon! Led by certified coaches, our group training program is developed to encourage beginning marathoners while still meeting the needs of the more experienced runners. We emphasize the teamwork aspects of the sport along with the fun and enjoyment that can be provided through running with others.

2023 Spring Session


2023 Fall Session

GOAL RACE: Twin Cities Marathon 
PROGRAM DATES: July 1- 22 – October 1

Program Fees & Descriptions


$ 100
Run Minnesota Members save 20%
  • Training plan with three mileage options
  • Weekly workout emails
  • Training top included ($35 value)


$ 200
Run Minnesota Members save 20%
  • Tuesday & Saturday supported group runs.

    That's $6.67 per workout for members!
  • Training training plan with three mileage options
  • Weekly workout emails
  • Training top included ($35 value)

Program Information 

  • All training class participants receive a Run Minnesota Training top  ($35 value). 
  • Spring class participants can access the Run Minnesota tent at the start of the marathon
  • Guaranteed entries (runner pays) to Grandma’s Marathon

“I enjoyed meeting all the wonderful runners of all abilities cheering everyone on to their goals. Happy to have no judgement for not being as fast as anyone else.”

“I loved the coaches, the TLs, the other people I ran with – I made so many new running friends and it made it so much nicer to run for hours on end. I loved that its broken up into pace levels because then I didn’t feel intimidated. Everyone is so great.”

“I say this all the time but I could NOT have completed the marathon without Run Minnesota Training. I loved every class even when the workouts were hard and I was hot because I knew I wasn’t alone.”

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We offer sliding scale registrations if your economic status doesn’t allow you to pay the full fee for Run Minnesota Training Programs. Please apply here. 

Spring Session

    • Information Session: February 22, 2023
    • First Group Run: February 25, 2023
    • First Tuesday Group Run: March 14, 2023
    • Grandma’s Marathon: June 17, 2023
    • End of season party: TBD

Fall Session

    • Information Session: June 28, 2023
    • First Group Run: July 1, 2023
    • Twin Cities Marathon : October 1, 2023
    • End of season party: TBD

The recommended starting point for each Training Level is as follows: 

  • Level 1: 20-35 miles for marathoners 
    • Training Calendar Range: 25-37 miles
  • Level 2: 35-45 miles for marathoners 
    • Training Calendar Range: 30-46 miles
  • Level 3: 45–55 miles for marathoners 
    • Training Calendar Range: 39-61 miles


Evaluate your starting point or your “current” level of fitness to start your mileage build-up during the training cycle. Three Training Levels are available to choose from based on the average weekly mileage you have run comfortably during the month before the start of the training program. There are 5 to 6 run days scheduled based on your chosen level.  Calendars outline the training at each level.

Email: The Coach will use email as the primary means of communication with the class. On Sunday’s you will receive an email from the coaches regarding the Tuesday night workout and on Wednesday you will receive an email from the coach regarding the Saturday workout. You can email the coach directly with questions after the start of the program at When you join the class you will be granted access to a Training Page on our Website. ALL information on training calendars and weekly workouts will be added to the class page. 

Facebook Group: The group is intended to be a forum for registered participants to chat with fellow runners. Utilize this tool to connect! Set up runs on non-class days or ask for recommendations. Any specific correspondence with coaches should be done directly with the coaching staff via email.

Text Alerts: Opt-in to receive text messages about unanticipated impacts on group runs -i.e. weather cancelations, emergencies.  

Long Runs 

  • Wednesday email will provide details
  • Long slow distance (LSD) endurance runs. 
  • Mileage starts at 10-15 miles and builds up to 18-20 miles.
  • Long Runs are a very important part of your training and should be run at a conversational pace, unless race pace is included.

Speedwork Sessions

  • Sunday email will provide details
  • The speedwork sessions start out with easy training runs to build your mileage base and graduate to optional faster paced workouts including strides, hills, intervals and tempo runs. Runners training for their first marathon or half marathon will be encouraged to run at a comfortable pace during workouts until they reach a conditioning level that enables them to participate in the faster paced training.

Long Runs: IN PERSON Saturday mornings at 7:00 am. These runs start at 12 miles and build up to 20 miles. The Long Runs are an essential part of your training and should at a conversational pace. 

Tuesday Sessions: IN PERSON – Tuesday evenings at 6:00 p.m.  Workouts last approximately one hour (sometimes longer). The Tuesday sessions start out with easy training runs to build your mileage base, and graduate to optional faster-paced workouts, including strides, hills, intervals,, and tempo runs. Runners training for their first marathon will be encouraged to run at a comfortable pace during workouts until they reach a conditioning level that enables them to participate in the faster-paced training.

Note: Tuesday evening runs are added after daylight savings. 

Coaches, Team Leads (TLs), directions, maps, and water stops will be provided for the running locations. Hydration stations will be 3-4 miles. 

Runners of various levels will register for the Run Minnesota Training Programs. Determine what group is appropriate for you based on your training pace. Runners choose one of four pace groups based on their current fitness level. Here are approximate training paces for groups (what an individual can run comfortably for one hour):

  • Training Pace:  11:00 – 12:00 and up (4:45 to finish)
  • Training Pace:  10:00 – 11:00 (4:00 to 4:45)
  • Training Pace:  9:00 -10:00 (3:20 to 4:00)
  • Training Pace:  8:00 or under (3:20 or faster)


The distinction between these groups tends to blur as people gain fitness and reevaluate their goals. Today’s 11-minute pace goal may become a 10-minute pace goal later in the program. The coaches will help determine the best fit based on your current fitness level. It is better to start in a slower group than one too fast for you.

For Tuesday night sessions, as well as Saturday long runs, we will meet at a variety of locations across the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Run locations will be communicated in the weekly emails. 

Sites may include, but are not limited to: Wabun Picnic Area/Minnehaha Falls Calhoun Executive Center, Lake Harriet Bandshell, Nokomis Community Center, Bredesen Park, the old Sears parking lot/ Finish line of TCM, Wirth Lake Beach,  Minnetonka Civic Center, Parade Stadium, University of St. Thomas/ Summit Avenue, Veterans Park in Richfield.

Hydration stations with water and an electrolyte beverage will be provided every 3-4 miles on Saturday long runs and there will be one hydration station at the start/finish area for Tuesday runs. One UltrAspire C2 cup (or equivalent) will be provided to all class participants. No paper cups will be available. Run Minnesota wants to be  adequately prepared for race day and we encourage all class participants to practice carrying their own water on long runs.

Local running stores host us for shopping days in conjunction with Saturday runs 2- 3 times a session. Gear up with great deals!

Want to learn more before signing up? 

Attend our information session or an open run below

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