The Minnesota Distance Running Association (MDRA) mission is to support and connect the Minnesota running community.  A blanket invitation to all does not equate to people from all racial backgrounds feeling welcome, heard, included, or safe within the running community.  MDRA is committed to intentional actions towards ensuring that all people have access to running; can see themselves represented in the running community; and feel involved, heard, and supported. We pledge to become a community that demonstrates this better in the future than it does today. 

To support this pledge, we are making changes within our organization, beginning with the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion committee. The primary focus of this committee will be to educate, promote, and support initiatives surrounding this topic, and to establish accountability towards diversity and inclusion goals.  

Action Plan Details:







We commit to the journey of creating a more diverse running community which better represents the runners of Minnesota and beyond. We look forward to this process and encourage each of you to join us and contribute to this change in your own unique and meaningful way. We are one running community. We are one Minnesota. We are one MDRA. 


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