Q: What is Run Minnesota?

A: Run Minnesota is the new brand for the organization known as the Minnesota Distance Running Association.

Q: Why is the name changing to Run Minnesota?

A: Our organization is for all runners, no matter your distance or pace.  To many, “distance running” is intimidating and does not feel inclusive to the recreational runner. First impressions matter. Run Minnesota is welcoming, simpler and more descriptive of who we are and what we do. The name will position us for another 60 years of providing valuable resources to a broader, more diverse group of runners.

Q: How was the new name chosen?

A:  A sub-committee of the board collaborated with local branding expert, Jeff Bull, to facilitate this exciting change in our club.  The group met with Jeff and his team over the course of 7 months to consider who we currently “are” and our dreams for the future of the club. 

Q: Is the Minnesota Distance Running Association Foundation name also changing?

A: No, to clarify the separation of our 501c3 philanthropic arm of the club from the day to day operations, we’ve decided to keep the Foundation name the Minnesota Distance Running Association Foundation. You can make a tax deductible donation here.

Q: Will MDRA race names also change?

A: Any race with MDRA in the title will become Run Minnesota. For example, the MDRA 15K will become the Run Minnesota 15K.  We will use Run Minnesota to help improve the connection of the membership organization with our races.  For example, the Jeff Winter City of Lakes, presented by Run Minnesota.

Q: Has the name changed before?

A:  Yes!  The organization was originally called the Minnesota Road Runners Club.  In 1972 the name was changed to Minnesota Distance Running Association to better reflect the organization’s mission.  They wanted to be taken seriously (running was still a fringe sport) when applying for the non profit status with the IRS.

Q: When does this change take place?

A: Our new name is effective per our press release announcement on Feb 10, 2021! 

Q: How can I stay connected to Run Minnesota? (website, social media channels/handles, etc).

Our new URL is run-minnesota.org, however those who search our old name or website, will be redirected to the new site.

Run Minnesota is on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter

Q: Where can I buy new Run Minnesota gear?

A: Run Minnesota gear can be purchased on our new website: run-minnesota.org. Members receive discounts on new Run Minnesota gear.

Q: How can I join or renew a Run Minnesota membership?

A:  Membership information can be found on our website at: run-minnesota.org

Q: Can I make a donation to Run Minnesota?

A: Yes, you can make a donation to support Run Minnesota operations or programs here.

Donations to Run Minnesota are NOT tax deductible.

Q: What about the business / coaching service RunMN?

A: We reached out to Kelly Mortenson of RunMN and received his “blessing” when we were considering the Run Minnesota name.

Q. Will there be a vote on the name?

A. The Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of the name change to Run Minnesota and the organization will be adding it as a DBA (doing business as).

Q. What grants the Board of Directors this power?

A. Under the bylaws – Section 4.5. Powers of Directors 10.To have and exercise such powers as are necessary or convenient to effect the purposes stated in Section 2.1 (the Mission of the Organization.)

Q: Will the bylaws be affected by the name change?

A:  The bylaws will not need to change unless the organization decides to fully adopt Run Minnesota. Currently the organization is the Minnesota Distance Running Association DBA (doing business as) Run Minnesota 

Q: Where can I send any follow up questions?

A: For any additional questions related to the renaming, please contact us at