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Aberg, Terri
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:29:57
Monster Dash2:00:55

Adam, Annette
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:48:37
Garry Bjorklund2:05:58

Adams, Amy
Fools Five46:45

Adams, John
Get in Gear39:01
Irish Run Saint Paul41:34
Securian Winter1:31:01

Adams, Katherine
Earth Day2:02:46

Adams, Nellie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:06:48
Garry Bjorklund1:28:07

Agee, John
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:32:43
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:01:41
Red, White & Boom! TC2:05:33

Agnew, Melissa
Brian Kraft Memorial17:13
Irish Run Saint Paul28:41

Aiken, Roger
Challenge Aging39:26

Akcan, Mehmet
Medtronic Twin Cities4:12:29

Akers, Patty
Medtronic Twin Cities3:29:22

Alberg, Chuck
FireCracker Footrace32:31

Albu, Pamela
Bud Break31:04
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:06:42

Alcorn, Cynthia
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:39:25

Alexander, Jack
Catch the Spirit40:56

Allbaugh, Kelsey
Urban Wildland1:26:35

Allen, Beth
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:42:26

Allen, Maria

Alley, David
Medtronic Twin Cities3:37:46

Allyn, Richard
Get in Gear1:08:46
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:12:59
Garry Bjorklund2:17:58

Amenrud, Maria
Garry Bjorklund1:58:07

Amidon, Patricia
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:58:37

Amundson, Mary
Y Run35:47

Andersen, DeEtte
Senior Games44:58
Senior Games1:33:14

Andersen, Robert
Senior Games41:01
Y Run43:08
Senior Games1:28:08

Anderson, Barb

Anderson, Christine

Anderson, Chuck
MDRA Victory21:30

Anderson, Howard
Senior Games31:56
Milk Run34:42

Anderson, Judy
Medtronic Twin Cities5:56:42

Anderson, Juliane
Medtronic Twin Cities4:48:27

Anderson, Kimberly
Get in Gear41:58
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:09:31
Garry Bjorklund1:30:44

Anderson, Louise
Park Point58:46

Anderson, Michelle
Kids Against Hunger27:09

Anderson, Peggy
Get in Gear1:03:07
Women Run the Cities1:50:52

Anderson, Richard
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:14:27
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:37:23

Anderson, Rogers
Greenway's Gridiron Gallop39:20
Heart of the City39:58
Minnesota Zoo Tiger Tracks40:37
MDRA Victory40:42
Music in Plymouth42:04
Brian Kraft Memorial42:10
Catch the Spirit43:02

Anderson, Tracy
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:20:06

Anderson, Wendy
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:23:03
Red, White & Boom! TC1:53:01
Circle the Lake2:08:07

Andres, Michelle
Brainerd Race for the Cure19:25
Garry Bjorklund1:24:08
Run For The Lakes3:05:39

Andresen, Charles
William A. Irvin37:40

Andress, Elizabeth
Get in Gear28:04

Andrews, Kathleen

Andrews, Vicki
Garry Bjorklund2:14:51

Angerhofer, Cindy
Brian Kraft Memorial27:43
Bear Water1:33:04
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:36:54

Ankrum, Jack
Brian Kraft Memorial22:28
Irish Run Saint Paul37:48
MDRA Victory45:13
Get in Gear46:43
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:15:48
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:18:48
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:39:34

Antony, Douglas
Monticello Riverfest26:10

Appert, Julie
Get in Gear28:06

Archambault, Sharon
William A. Irvin32:57

Arko, Julie
Get in Gear55:25
Gopher to Badger1:57:24
Garry Bjorklund2:05:38

Arnold, Jon
Fools Five43:15

Asmus, Michele
Garry Bjorklund1:27:10

Asp, David
Healthy Human Race1:47:18

Asp, Kathryn
Healthy Human Race39:40

Auger, Judy
Healthy Human Race36:02

Augustine, Richard
Kids Against Hunger33:12

Austad, Pam
Northern Lakes2:48:39
Medtronic Twin Cities3:52:51

Austin-Minor, Elizabeth
Garry Bjorklund1:36:22

Ayers, Doug
Farmington Dew Run8:15
Catch the Spirit27:54

Ayotte, Ray
Get in Gear1:11:16

Baar, Rachel
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:09:18
Bear Water1:10:00

Bach, Perry
Anoka Gray Ghost18:11
Rock the Pavement19:04

Bachke, Shelley
William A. Irvin30:39

Bahls, Monica
Monster Dash1:55:37

Baillie, Constance
Senior Games38:46

Baker, Bill
Minnetonka Summer Festival43:15

Baker, Cherie
Autumn Woods Classic35:24
Irish Run Saint Paul56:11
Monster Dash2:40:22

Baker, Janice
Fools Five1:02:33

Baker, Michael
Urban Wildland1:54:12
Get in Gear2:01:34
Bear Water3:00:54
Medtronic Twin Cities4:20:18

Bakkene, Douglas
Irish Run Saint Paul37:33

Balder-Lanoue, Robin
Monticello Riverfest20:45
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:11:12
Garry Bjorklund1:33:09
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:33:50

Balstad, Roberta
Easter Sunday49:32

Bangma, Pauline
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:34:31

Barlage, Jeanne

Barnes, Terry

Barr, James

Barron, Charlene
Monster Dash2:07:45
Medtronic Twin Cities4:23:44

Bartel, Joanne
Bud Break26:55
Run the Valley54:00

Bartelme, Delma
Cranberry Cruise8:14
Historic Riverfront25:19
MDRA Victory27:40
MDRA Victory54:20
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:26:01
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:31:48
Monster Dash1:54:12
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:01:02
Ron Daws2:31:00

Bartels, Chad
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:00:08

Barthel, Robert
MDRA Victory43:37
Hot Chocolate1:10:23
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:13:17
Monster Dash1:34:57
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:35:27
Red, White & Boom! TC1:36:48
Medtronic Twin Cities3:31:37

Bashore, Julie
Med City1:49:38
Healthy Human Race1:57:35
Gopher to Badger1:58:44

Bauck, Bill
Crosslake Dam40:19
River Rat40:40
Get in Gear42:51

Baude, Sarah
Bear Water2:45:59

Bauer, Catherine
Monster Dash1:15:40

Bauer, Tim
Med City1:31:01

Baugh, Anita
MDRA Victory22:52
Earth Day24:50
Irish Run Saint Paul39:15
MDRA Victory46:39
Get in Gear49:04
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:20:24
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:21:01
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:45:52
New Prague1:50:17
Earth Day1:59:23

Baumert, Lisa
Get in Gear37:47
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:03:36

Beaber, Aaron
Medtronic TC (adjusted)54:46
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)56:12
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:13:29

Beach, Kris

Beckendorf, Rhiannon
Get in Gear37:52
Garry Bjorklund1:20:50

Bedor, Christine
Get in Gear34:27

Behling, Scott
William A. Irvin15:19
Brian Kraft Memorial15:27
Park Point25:46
Garry Bjorklund1:09:14

Belanger, Linda
Monster Dash1:49:03
Blue Ox3:54:21

Belgard, Hugh
Senior Games27:36

Bell, Silasj
Securian Winter49:39

Belmont, Steve
Bear Water3:34:46

Bengtson, Jim
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:02:18
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:21:50
Medtronic Twin Cities2:53:49

Benhardus, Kathryn
Everybody's Irish30:39
Irish Run Saint Paul47:32
Get in Gear1:01:36

Benke, Don
Run the Valley28:19
Maple Grove28:34
Delano 4th of July28:52
Catch the Spirit29:25
Shawn Silvera29:27
Hot Chocolate29:30

Benke, Pauline
Shawn Silvera36:05
Delano 4th of July36:36
Run the Valley36:48
Maple Grove37:15
Catch the Spirit38:53
Hot Chocolate46:49

Berens, Teresa
Monster Dash1:51:43

Berg, Daniel
Monster Dash1:39:36

Berg, Kristi
Medtronic Twin Cities3:49:10

Berg, Mary Beth
Hot Chocolate1:30:45

Berg, Taylor
MDRA Victory36:20

Bergen, Kim
Hot Chocolate1:20:43

Bergerson, Steve
Garry Bjorklund1:29:44

Berlinerblau, Maria
Garry Bjorklund2:06:56

Berman, Art
Medtronic Twin Cities3:35:10

Bernier, Heather
Gopher to Badger1:36:38
Medtronic Twin Cities3:29:02

Berquist, Gary
Med City4:34:27

Bertamus, Marcia

Bertucci, John
Farmington Dew Run7:06

Beshara, John
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:50:04
Medtronic Twin Cities3:44:06

Beutel, Jerry
Brian Kraft Memorial21:18
Irish Run Saint Paul35:37
Get in Gear44:14

Beutler, Barbara
Monster Dash2:05:46
Urban Wildland2:12:14

Bezotte, Kay

Bigger, Janey
Farmington Dew Run13:53

Bildsoe, Tim
Monster Dash1:29:09
Urban Wildland1:31:18
Red, White & Boom! TC1:31:49
Medtronic Twin Cities3:14:45

Bilgutan, Ilhan
Medtronic Twin Cities4:58:51

Billig, Patrick
Brian Kraft Memorial16:32
Irish Run Saint Paul27:43
Park Point27:45
MDRA Victory34:10
Get in Gear34:35
Medtronic TC (adjusted)57:37
Garry Bjorklund1:14:16

Birkeland, Diane
Medtronic Twin Cities3:45:25

Birkholz, Daniel

Bischof, Johanna
Medtronic Twin Cities3:09:25

Bishop, Kim
Urban Wildland1:27:08
Monster Dash1:28:08
Bear Water2:22:55

Bjornberg, Linda
Hot Chocolate25:10
Monster Dash1:24:05

Bjornberg, Michael
Hopkins Raspberry5:52
Brian Kraft Memorial20:17
Run the Valley20:52
Senior Games21:10
Irish Run Saint Paul32:58
Park Point33:53
Get in Gear42:03
MDRA Victory42:34
Senior Games43:23
Northern Lakes1:09:20
Garry Bjorklund1:31:40
New Prague1:34:49
Securian Winter1:42:07
Bear Water2:32:38
Medtronic Twin Cities3:48:29

Blace-Collins, Joan
Monster Dash1:34:03

Black, Dennis
Gopher to Badger1:55:01

Blackhurst, Anne
Medtronic Twin Cities4:11:28

Blackman, Paul
Medtronic Twin Cities3:55:38

Blake, Lynn
Medtronic Twin Cities3:50:53

Blankenship, Tom
Anoka Gray Ghost26:37

Block, Erin
Irish Run Saint Paul31:27

Blodgett, Earl
Senior Games42:59

Boatman, Jim
Delano 4th of July20:16

Bock, Karen
Med City2:09:12

Bodie, Laurie
Garry Bjorklund1:57:00

Boe, Tony
Ron Daws2:16:58

Boggie-Miloserdova, Irina
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:24:08
Garry Bjorklund1:47:53
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:51:27

Bohlke, Allan
Brian Kraft Memorial18:23
MDRA Victory37:51
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:02:13
Bear Water1:05:39
Garry Bjorklund1:23:32
Get in Gear1:28:18

Bohn Hector, Bonnie
Medtronic Twin Cities4:15:56

Boler, Randall
Bear Water2:39:20

Bollig, Maggie
Medtronic Twin Cities3:07:37

Bolster, Mark
Med City1:15:52

Boman, Amanda
Park Point30:11

Bonnert, Eileen
Get in Gear1:49:44
Bear Water2:45:56
Medtronic Twin Cities3:31:50

Bonney, Brenda
Medtronic Twin Cities4:03:36

Borg, Robin

Borner, Arlene
Medtronic Twin Cities4:52:28

Bornhorst, William
Red, White & Boom! TC3:15:43

Bos, Mary
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:17:41

Boss, Stephanie
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:10:25
Monster Dash1:32:57
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:33:04
Get in Gear1:33:47
Urban Wildland1:34:16
Medtronic Twin Cities3:24:53

Bostrom, Jean
Spud Fest48:42
Earth Day2:19:04
Monster Dash2:28:48
Medtronic Twin Cities5:30:26

Boumeester, Matthew
Brian Kraft Memorial15:10
Irish Run Saint Paul24:51
Get in Gear31:10
Garry Bjorklund1:07:40

Bourassa, Joyce
Farmington Dew Run5:37
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:09:54

Bourland, Gene
Securian Winter1:17:20

Bowman, Anders
Brian Kraft Memorial15:25
Garry Bjorklund1:11:35
Medtronic Twin Cities2:37:18

Bowman, Ted
Milk Run28:32

Boylan, Mary
Garry Bjorklund1:59:48

Boys, Carrie
Garry Bjorklund2:09:35

Boys, Sharon
Monster Dash1:39:35
Medtronic Twin Cities4:51:08

Braaten-Lee, Arland
Hoska Midsummer6:20
Farmington Dew Run6:35
Brian Kraft Memorial22:59
Challenge Aging22:59
Y Run23:37
Irish Run Saint Paul37:54
Pursuit for Living Well39:01
Get in Gear46:38
MDRA Victory46:56
Run the Valley48:08
Spring Classic1:13:07
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:18:11
Northern Lakes1:18:51
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:18:57
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:44:34
New Prague1:45:41

Bradley, Elaine
Garry Bjorklund1:59:47

Brady-Johnson, Jennifer

Brady-Schluttner, Katie
Healthy Human Race27:12

Braley, Doris
Get in Gear34:45
Hot Chocolate46:30

Brandon, Barbara

Branigan, Margot
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:03:08
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:22:10

Brannan, Rodger
Garry Bjorklund1:49:29

Brase, Patti
Milk Run24:48
Brian Kraft Memorial25:39
MDRA Victory50:37
Women Run the Cities1:26:43

Braun, Shannon
Hoska Midsummer5:19
Brian Kraft Memorial18:22
Irish Run Saint Paul30:29
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:04:23

Breedlove, Margaret
Hoska Midsummer7:40
Challenge Addiction25:29
Easter Sunday25:35
Mother's Day26:23

Breen, Jenny
Brian Kraft Memorial21:21
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:12:06
Red, White & Boom! TC1:40:53

Brennan, Catherine

Brennan, John
Get in Gear1:02:57
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:05:46
Monster Dash2:39:21

Brennan, Thomas
Medtronic Twin Cities3:25:31

Brewer, David
Challenge Aging40:37

Brewer, Dennis
Pine Tree53:15
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:24:01
Bear Water1:25:46

Brewer, Kathryn
Challenge Aging40:37
Challenge Addiction43:59
Easter Sunday47:30

Brickley, Seth
Brian Kraft Memorial14:53
Hair to There15:28
Get in Gear31:45
MDRA Victory31:47
Ki Chi Saga50:40
Medtronic TC (adjusted)52:02
Monster Dash1:09:07

Bridges, Sarah
Monster Dash1:55:26

Brien, Cole

Briggs, Jean
Healthy Human Race2:14:51

Brlckles, Ron

Bronstien, Jacqueline
Senior Games31:17
Senior Games1:03:27

Brooks, Becky
100% Irish for a Day1:39:38

Brouillard, Carol
Senior Games25:38
Senior Games53:10
MDRA Victory53:44
Monster Dash1:58:20
New Prague2:00:51
Earth Day2:01:35
Bear Water3:06:50
Medtronic Twin Cities4:08:34

Brown, John
Bud Break23:45
Greenway's Gridiron Gallop24:40
Witch Hazel25:43
Milk Run34:16
Securian Winter51:11
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:29:32

Brown, Leesa
MDRA Victory55:35
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:39:11
Monster Dash2:04:16

Brown, Mary

Brown, Paul
Monticello Riverfest18:53
Music in Plymouth19:34

Brown, Sallie
Medtronic Twin Cities5:58:25

Bruce, David
Historic Riverfront34:02
Get in Gear35:04

Brunette, Brian
Monster Dash1:38:01

Bruns, John
Spud Fest38:43

Brunsvold, Mark
MDRA Victory45:04
Medtronic Twin Cities3:28:50

Bubser, Dave
Lake Wobegon Trail3:30:22

Buchholtz, Trasi
Medtronic Twin Cities3:14:52

Buckenmtine, Joe
Medtronic Twin Cities2:51:18

Bugge, Amy
Monster Dash1:32:44

Buhl, Mary
Earth Day44:37

Buikema, Clifford
Garry Bjorklund1:50:17

Bukstein, Jeri
Securian Winter2:34:41

Bumgarner, Mike
Monster Dash1:14:38

Burch, Richard
Officer Shawn Silvera9:16
Scenic Byway30:39
Monticello Riverfest31:01
Minnetonka Summer Festival52:49
MDRA Victory1:03:05
Bolder Options1:03:37
Kids Against Hunger1:05:22
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:49:43
Bear Water1:50:13
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:25:17
Urban Wildland2:37:57

Burg, Anita
Get in Gear24:23

Burger, Liz
Monster Dash1:15:47

Burnett, Elizabeth
Get in Gear46:56

Burnham, Rick
Medtronic Twin Cities3:35:40

Burns, Ann

Burton, Renee
Pursuit for Living Well37:30

Busch, Doug
MDRA Victory57:57
Northern Lakes1:35:03
Bear Water1:36:38

Busch, Joni
Urban Wildland1:48:08
Medtronic Twin Cities3:34:14

Buse, Greg
Hoska Midsummer6:44
Brian Kraft Memorial23:46
Irish Run Saint Paul36:42
Get in Gear46:35
New Prague1:44:27
Securian Winter1:47:10

Bussmann, Michelle
Garry Bjorklund1:48:28

Butterfield, Joe
Med City3:59:31
Medtronic Twin Cities4:08:30

Butwinick, Rich
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:09:24
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:30:37

Byerly, Lorena
Pine Tree24:01

Byland, Ron
Bear Water1:13:21

Byrne, Margaret
Milk Run44:17

Byrnes, Stephen
Delano 4th of July30:10

Byrnes, Zoe
MDRA Victory18:28

Byun, Herb
MDRA Victory53:35
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:30:27
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:58:53
Bear Water3:07:23
Medtronic Twin Cities4:09:37

Cady, Tim
Crosslake Dam31:40
Monticello Riverfest32:26
Delano 4th of July33:52

Calhoun, Pam
Hot Chocolate28:22
Women Run the Cities55:42

Callahan, Teresa
Medtronic Twin Cities3:50:01

Campbell, Anne
Garry Bjorklund2:09:34

Campbell, Debra
Brian Kraft Memorial19:41

Campbell, Joseph
Medtronic Twin Cities2:38:05

Campbell, Linda
Milk Run26:51
Lake Wobegon Trail4:27:39

Campbell, Thomas
Irish Run Saint Paul31:19
Get in Gear34:15

Canny, Keith
Anoka Gray Ghost45:32

Cardinal, Craig

Carlsness Sr., Timothy

Carlson, Burt
MDRA Victory1:24:57
Get in Gear1:24:58

Carlson, Dj
William A. Irvin29:13
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:36:11
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:06:22
Medtronic Twin Cities4:47:09

Carlson, George
Anoka Gray Ghost33:31

Carlson, Jordan
Halloween Fearless15:44

Carlson, Kelcey
Anoka Gray Ghost20:23
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:09:39
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:31:32
Medtronic Twin Cities3:24:45

Carlson, Laura
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:18:34

Carlson, Marcia
Get in Gear49:47
Gear Western Country1:51:37

Carlson, Nancy
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:39:16

Carlson, Pamela

Carlson, Roger
MDRA Victory57:22
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:57:25
Garry Bjorklund2:14:01
Garry Bjorklund2:30:26

Carlson, Ruth Ann

Carlson, Sam

Carr-Oxley, Marjie
Pine Tree24:27
Bear Water1:26:23
Monster Dash1:54:03

Carroll, Carissa
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:01:29

Carson, Suzanne
Hot Chocolate1:31:52

Casanova, Michael
Medtronic Twin Cities4:23:56

Case, Kimberly

Case, Paul
Senior Games20:32
Senior Games42:08
MDRA Victory42:14
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:15:37

Case, Sherry
Senior Games25:05
Senior Games49:49
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:29:19
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:57:54
Medtronic Twin Cities4:04:08

Cass, Margaret
William A. Irvin48:56

Castanias, Tamara
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:21:07
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:45:57
Medtronic Twin Cities3:49:31

Catapano, Lynette
Earth Day1:50:49

Cerling, Larry
Challenge Obesity20:19
Garry Bjorklund1:30:14

Chabin, Eric
Medtronic Twin Cities3:02:48

Chang, Patricia
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:22:50

Chase, David
Milk Run41:39

Cheney, Chip
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:14:09

Chepkirui, Emmy
Get in Gear35:29

Cherewatuk, Karen
Garry Bjorklund2:06:08

Cherif, Hady
Get in Gear1:14:28

Cherne, Sara
Park Point43:18
MDRA Victory55:30
Red, White & Boom! TC2:04:48
Securian Winter2:12:46
Run For The Lakes4:34:49

Cherra, Jerry

Chestolowski, Mary
Get in Gear39:09
Spring Classic1:01:59
Healthy Human Race1:28:40
Med City3:10:12

Chin, Richard
Milk Run20:36
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:09:13

Chirhart, Tom
Medtronic Twin Cities4:25:15

Choge, Julius

Christen, Linda
Irish Run Saint Paul40:15
Get in Gear54:19
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:30:10

Christensen, Darrell
Get in Gear1:07:04
MDRA Victory1:08:57

Christensen, Dean
Healthy Human Race1:48:00

Christenson, Steven
Medtronic Twin Cities3:31:21

Christian, Dan

Ciesielski, Alex

Cirks, Steve
Northern Lakes2:19:03

Clanton, Anne
Get in Gear1:06:21
Bear Water1:45:21
Monster Dash2:29:07

Claridge, Barb
Women Run the Cities1:39:58

Clark, Amy
Hoska Midsummer6:54
Brian Kraft Memorial23:37
Irish Run Saint Paul37:12
MDRA Victory49:16
Get in Gear49:30
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:17:48

Clark, Doron

Clark, Mary

Clark, Stephen
Ki Chi Saga1:03:34

Class, Katy
Brian Kraft Memorial22:36
Irish Run Saint Paul36:29
Get in Gear1:41:10

Class, Rob
Irish Run Saint Paul29:33
Drumstick Dash37:06
Get in Gear37:42
MDRA Victory38:28
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:00:40
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:05:13
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:27:02
Ron Daws1:41:33

Coequyt, Leonard
Medtronic Twin Cities3:49:03

Colburn, Jerry
Medtronic Twin Cities4:17:56

Cole, Jayne
Garry Bjorklund1:26:30

Collins, Don
Get in Gear41:08

Collins, Donald
Irish Run Saint Paul41:06

Conant, Roger
Rock the Pavement1:19:02

Confer, John
Catch the Spirit37:16

Conley, Scott

Conlin, Elizabeth
Medtronic Twin Cities3:55:11

Connelly, Elizabeth
Get in Gear1:06:59

Connolly, Mike
Get in Gear46:22
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:15:39
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:18:19
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:42:42

Conrad, Alison
Medtronic Twin Cities4:32:57

Cooper, Ken
Medtronic TC (adjusted)59:33

Corbin, Susan
Senior Games32:09

Costello, Julia
MDRA Victory26:55

Costello, Michael
MDRA Victory21:34
MDRA Victory43:38
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:09:18

Cottrell, Claudia
William A. Irvin27:25

Cottrell, Harry
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:13:31

Couillard, Tom
MDRA Victory54:08

Counsellor, Clint

Courneya, Nannette
Medtronic Twin Cities3:48:39

Coyer, Ray

Crawford, Jennifer
Monster Dash1:13:26
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:14:31

Crawford, Tanya

Creagan, Ed
Med City2:08:01
Healthy Human Race2:10:32

Crocker, David

Croft, Mary
Senior Games27:59
MDRA Victory56:50
Senior Games57:34
Bear Water1:39:17
Urban Wildland2:11:02
Medtronic Twin Cities4:25:17

Cronen, Judy
Hoska Midsummer8:47
Officer Shawn Silvera9:04
Brian Kraft Memorial28:55
Catch the Spirit31:07
Irish Run Saint Paul50:10
Get in Gear1:00:47
MDRA Victory1:02:49
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:51:16
New Prague2:18:35
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:27:58

Crowley, Dan
Irish Run Saint Paul41:45

Crowley, Jan
Irish Run Saint Paul41:58

Cruz, Esther
Kids Against Hunger46:07

Culshaw, Bev
Snowflake Shuffle38:06
Hot Chocolate42:09

Currie, Adam
Hoska Midsummer4:38

Cutshall, Pamela
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:37:48
Monster Dash2:10:25

Cyr, Raymond
Earth Day2:03:15
Lake Wobegon Trail5:10:54

Cyr, Vickie
Get in Gear1:24:19
Earth Day3:03:28

Czerwinski, Greg
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:21:33

Dahl, David
Y Run31:52
Autumn Woods Classic55:54

Dahlin, Clara
Red, White & Boom! TC3:06:56

Daiss, Robert
Garry Bjorklund1:25:26

Daker, Jan
Minnesota Zoo Tiger Tracks26:10
MDRA Victory56:06
Securian Winter58:52
Heart of the City1:00:40
100% Irish for a Day1:31:29
Monster Dash1:39:55
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:45:26

Daley, Victoria
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:38:37

Dalquist, Sandra
Farmington Dew Run8:35
Brian Kraft Memorial28:47
Healthy Human Race29:28
Fools Five47:06
Irish Run Saint Paul47:26
Get in Gear58:54
MDRA Victory59:09
Spring Classic1:31:10
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:37:54
Med City2:13:46

Dalton, Jan
Monster Dash2:08:18
Red, White & Boom! TC2:08:22

Daly, William

Damer, Lewis
Hot Chocolate34:46

Daniels, Dennis
Twin Cities Lung Run33:59
Anoka Gray Ghost39:54

Danielson, Scott
Garry Bjorklund1:52:12
Medtronic Twin Cities3:54:09

Danielson, Thomas
Senior Games23:15

Davenport, Brian
Irish Run Saint Paul26:54
Ron Daws1:34:26

Davidson, Cory
New Prague1:39:44

Davidson, Kenneth
Red, White & Boom! TC3:00:00

Davidson, Raymond
Hot Chocolate2:13:41

Davis, Brian
MDRA Victory25:31
Pine Tree26:03

Davis, Glynn
FireCracker Footrace26:58

Davis, Kate
Brian Kraft Memorial20:39
Irish Run Saint Paul33:34
MDRA Victory44:04
Northern Lakes1:11:00
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:12:58
Securian Winter1:44:01

Davis, Scott
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:00:59

Davis, Wynn
Medtronic Twin Cities2:38:42

Day, Ann
Earth Day30:02

Day, Robert
Hopkins Raspberry5:14

De Andrade, Mariza
Healthy Human Race31:42

De Grace, Daniel
Get in Gear1:23:01

De Mars, Diane
Monticello Riverfest26:24
William A. Irvin26:36
Anoka Gray Ghost29:24

DeBlieck, Carol
Hot Chocolate1:29:53

DeBoer, Steve
Spring Classic1:08:49

DeSplinter, Janine
Women Run the Cities24:38

Debaggis, Amelia

Deblieck, Carol
Monster Dash2:21:41
Medtronic Twin Cities4:36:30

Decker, Sonya
Hoska Midsummer5:54
Brian Kraft Memorial19:28
Irish Run Saint Paul31:00
Get in Gear40:08
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:05:48
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:07:48
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:29:01

Deckert, Pamella
Medtronic Twin Cities4:11:02

Decot, Rob
MDRA Victory16:48
Moose Run35:47
Get in Gear37:03
Garry Bjorklund1:15:48
Medtronic Twin Cities2:55:00

Deiman, Len

Deiman, Lena
Earth Day1:34:15
Medtronic Twin Cities3:13:35

Delaney, Erin
Ron Daws2:14:18

Delaney, Sally
Hot Chocolate1:21:59

Delehanty, Jack
Irish Run Saint Paul25:40

Delisi, Jill
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:40:52

Demartino, Jeanne
Hoska Midsummer10:58

Dempsey, Patti
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:39:28
Monster Dash2:05:32

Denney, Jeff

Deshayes, Lenny
Crosslake Dam19:40
William A. Irvin19:46

Desplinter, Janine
Autumn Woods Classic24:17
Carrie On24:26

Deters, Mark
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:22:06
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:47:34
Medtronic Twin Cities3:54:39

Deuhs, John
Snowflake Shuffle29:14

Deuhs, Onnah
Snowflake Shuffle36:41

Devine, Jacki
Hoska Midsummer6:31
Crosslake Dam21:36
Earth Day22:07
Snowflake Shuffle22:41
Irish Run Saint Paul36:03
MDRA Victory43:59
Get in Gear44:52
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:14:04
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:15:31
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:39:27

Devine, Kurt
MDRA Victory37:28
Get in Gear38:04
Crosslake Dam38:17
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:02:03

Devine, Rick
Spring Classic1:17:29

Devries, Elaine
Medtronic Twin Cities4:16:30

Dibley, Dawn
Get in Gear57:36
Garry Bjorklund2:00:28

Dickson, Katy
Securian Winter1:48:35

Diebold, Rene
Medtronic Twin Cities4:48:01

Diedrich, Darrin
Monster Dash1:23:25

Dieken, Sharyl
Witch Hazel31:36

Dilling, Debbie
Medtronic Twin Cities3:34:37

Diltz, D.L.
Senior Games27:45

Dingmann, Rosie
Earth Day2:18:59

Dinusson, John
Fools Five51:46

Dipaola, Sheila
Drumstick Dash1:02:46

Dittmann, Kristin
Maple Grove1:57:58

Diviney, Craig
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:18:47
Hot Chocolate1:18:54
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:42:29

Dixon, Brian
MDRA Victory38:57
Get in Gear39:08
Bolder Options39:40
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:06:58
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:27:26
Maple Grove1:29:32

Dobson, Nancy

Docherty, Daniel
Brian Kraft Memorial15:00

Dockery, Ron
Senior Games27:27

Dockter, Bruce
Garry Bjorklund1:29:27
Bear Water2:25:48
Medtronic Twin Cities3:13:29

Dodge, Sarah

Doe, Cindy
Garry Bjorklund2:05:32

Doelle, James
Milk Run22:48

Dolan, Mary Anne
Get in Gear2:14:15

Domeier, Kevin
Farmington Dew Run5:48

Domeier, Tammy
Anoka Gray Ghost21:32
Scenic Byway21:38
Veterans Day21:53
Run Camden22:05
Hair to There22:31
Catch the Spirit22:31
Run the Valley45:53
Get in Gear1:45:28

Donnelly, Deb
Mother's Day29:59

Donohue, Cara
Urban Wildland1:27:56

Dorn, Dave
Medtronic Twin Cities3:34:55

Dornfeld, Don
Hopkins Raspberry6:56
Hoska Midsummer7:07
Farmington Dew Run7:27
Challenge Cancer25:20
Senior Games25:59
Y Run26:14
Fools Five43:41
Irish Run Saint Paul44:24

Dornfeld, Jackie
Get in Gear48:48

Dornfeld, James
Irish Run Saint Paul53:47

Dorschner, Lois
Healthy Human Race2:32:55

Dougall, Pam
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:32:48
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:04:23
Urban Wildland2:05:02

Dougherty, Tim
Monster Dash1:06:42

Downing, John
New Prague1:59:54
Circle the Lake2:00:52
Scenic Byway2:01:09

Doyle, Mary
Get in Gear46:38

Drealan, Wayne
Medtronic Twin Cities3:37:23

Drekonja, Dimitri
Brian Kraft Memorial16:41
Medtronic TC (adjusted)56:38

Drekonja, Kara
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:15:06
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:39:47

Driscoll, James

Drontle, Nancy
Earth Day1:50:30

Drysdale, Julia
Medtronic Twin Cities4:08:13

Ducharme, Daniel
Garry Bjorklund1:11:58

Duff, Daniel

Duffy, Michael
Greenway's Gridiron Gallop22:59

Durband, Bob

Dutton, Gary
Spring Classic1:10:51

Eagan, Tom
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:14:46

Earl-Torniainen, Kitty
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:13:47
Urban Wildland1:40:24

Easker, Aaron
MDRA Victory30:57

Eastlund, Tammy
MDRA Victory48:55
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:21:57

Eastman, Lee
Hoska Midsummer6:44
Medtronic Twin Cities3:45:23

Eastman, Patrick
Hoska Midsummer5:42

Eaton, Larry
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:48:04

Ecklund, Susan
Races 4 Aces32:05

Economy, Robert
Hoska Midsummer5:11
Brian Kraft Memorial18:10
Irish Run Saint Paul27:56
MDRA Victory36:47
Get in Gear37:50
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:02:01
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:21:29
Securian Winter1:23:20
Ron Daws1:38:55
Bear Water2:09:58

Edison, Diane
Brainerd Race for the Cure33:47

Edison, Paul
Brainerd Race for the Cure26:36

Edlund, Laura

Eggers, Gay
Women Run the Cities1:28:28

Eggert, Larry
Autumn Woods Classic41:07

Eichacker, Pamela
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:14:15

Eischens, Cindy
Monster Dash1:32:11

Ekern, Cindy
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:53:54
Gopher to Badger2:07:25
Get in Gear2:23:56

Elden, Arlene
Garry Bjorklund2:01:42

Ellis, Robert
Healthy Human Race42:37

Emmerich, Maureen

Emmerich, Teeny
Earth Day1:47:10

Endres, Stacy
Bear Water2:42:17

Enge, Jim
Ron Daws2:02:57
Bear Water2:39:36
Medtronic Twin Cities3:30:05

Engelhardt, Judy
Veterans Day42:51

Engels, Jean
Monster Dash1:14:57

Engert, Sheila
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:15:58
Hot Chocolate1:17:09
Monster Dash1:40:15

English, Ken
Med City1:34:54

English, Linda

Epperson, James
Garry Bjorklund1:39:44

Erb, Mary
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:55:03

Erbeck, Doug
Hoska Midsummer9:48
Brian Kraft Memorial34:38
Irish Run Saint Paul54:10
MDRA Victory1:09:55
Get in Gear1:10:50
Securian Winter2:37:42

Erichsen, Chris
Brian Kraft Memorial14:48
Irish Run Saint Paul24:19
MDRA Victory31:38

Erickson, Phil
Hoska Midsummer7:50
Brian Kraft Memorial26:08
MDRA Victory26:39
MDRA Victory52:41
Get in Gear55:18
100% Irish for a Day1:32:05
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:35:25
New Prague2:05:01
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:05:09
Securian Winter2:07:20
Urban Wildland2:07:27
Ron Daws3:16:01
Medtronic Twin Cities5:29:07

Erickson, Walter
Crosslake Dam29:34

Erlandson, Megan
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:06:34

Erlandson, Patrick
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:12:32

Ernst, Kathy
Hot Chocolate1:35:58

Esch, Linda
Medtronic Twin Cities3:30:58

Essler, Jeremy
MDRA Victory33:19
Medtronic TC (adjusted)54:31

Esslinger, Clarice
Medtronic Twin Cities3:14:40

Etter, Laree

Evans, Mary

Evans, Mike
Irish Run Saint Paul31:11
Senior Games39:31

Ewen, Mike

Farb, Harry
MDRA Victory28:23

Farrell, Patrick
Anoka Gray Ghost39:49

Fast, Kathy

Fellows, Donovan
MDRA Victory31:39
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)53:18
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:09:17

Felton, Susan
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:32:49

Ferguson, Joyce
Fools Five1:15:13

Fermoyle, Caitlin
Garry Bjorklund1:25:36

Fermoyle, Kelly
Medtronic TC (adjusted)52:10

Finan, Eric
Medtronic TC (adjusted)49:31

Fink, Julia
Circle the Lake2:14:22

Finke, Bob
Hoska Midsummer5:12
Historic Riverfront17:55
Monticello Riverfest18:20
Heart of the City38:42
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:01:05
Monster Dash1:01:27
Bear Water1:01:48
Northern Lakes1:04:47

Finn, Sean
Bear Water2:20:47

Finnerty, Rob

Fisher, Geri
Women Run the Cities36:15

Fisher, Lori
Monster Dash1:37:47

Fisher, Marge
Garry Bjorklund2:35:33

Fitting, Skip
Red, White & Boom! TC1:29:39
Earth Day1:33:03
Medtronic Twin Cities3:23:41

Fixsen, Linda
Earth Day2:12:23

Flaathe, Tordis
Historic Riverfront32:14

Flannery, Elizabeth
Red, White & Boom! TC1:39:17

Fleck, Jeanne
William A. Irvin21:13

Fletcher, Carolyn
Brian Kraft Memorial23:17
MDRA Victory24:31
Irish Run Saint Paul37:59
MDRA Victory46:54
Medtronic Twin Cities3:40:13

Flynn, Nancy
Women Run the Cities25:28
Senior Games26:00
Hot Chocolate26:19

Fonseth, Nikki
Maple Grove1:39:23

Forbes, Mark
Red, White & Boom! TC1:46:52

Ford, Paul
Snowflake Shuffle25:12
Irish Run Saint Paul42:22

Fore, Carmen
Garry Bjorklund1:54:12

Forsland, Stephanie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:17:53
Monster Dash1:44:54

Forsythe, Susan

Foster, Joyce
Earth Day37:04

Foushee, Teresa
Brian Kraft Memorial23:51
Senior Games24:41

Fox, Barry
Medtronic Twin Cities4:37:46

Fox, Mary
Medtronic Twin Cities4:06:42

Frank, Margaret
William A. Irvin26:05

Frank, Mason
Brian Kraft Memorial15:11

Franke, Lisa
Medtronic Twin Cities3:35:12

Franzen, Carrie
Medtronic Twin Cities3:51:14

Fraser-Taylor, Eleanor

Frawley, Bob
Medtronic Twin Cities3:28:47

Frederick, Harold
Garry Bjorklund2:24:42

Fredericks, Pat
Garry Bjorklund2:34:55

Frederickson, Dennis
Milk Run35:29

Frederickson, Peggy
Greenway's Gridiron Gallop23:22
Women Run the Cities1:25:24

Freeman, Jonathan
Fools Five1:05:24

Freeman, Phyllis
Fools Five1:05:24

Frerichs, John

Friede, Wendy
Get in Gear1:03:50
Medtronic Twin Cities4:37:11

Froelich, Carol

Froelich, Margo
Milk Run40:32

From, Nancy
Maple Grove34:15

Fugere, Candy

Fuhs, Cathy
HeartBeat 500026:57

Fuhs, Edward
Garry Bjorklund1:36:23

Furtney, Susan
Medtronic Twin Cities6:18:26

Gaalswyk, Sheila
Milk Run27:48
Get in Gear2:04:15
Urban Wildland2:07:18
Medtronic Twin Cities5:19:57

Gacek, Melissa
Hoska Midsummer5:22
Brian Kraft Memorial17:44
MDRA Victory18:58
Irish Run Saint Paul29:59
MDRA Victory37:04
Garry Bjorklund1:21:45
Red, White & Boom! TC1:22:17
Ron Daws1:40:20

Gale, Christa
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:11:22

Gardner, Terry
Monster Dash2:32:49

Garretson, Pamela
Gear Western Country1:56:00

Garry, Amber
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:09:37
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:09:38
Garry Bjorklund1:30:49
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:31:42
Urban Wildland1:34:28

Garry, Christine
Medtronic Twin Cities3:36:58

Gatyas, Tom
New Prague1:14:04

Gau, Wanda
River Rat19:47
Brian Kraft Memorial19:52
Senior Games20:07
Irish Run Saint Paul33:13
MDRA Victory40:54
Senior Games41:17
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:07:59
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:08:05
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:29:31
Lake Wobegon Trail3:07:39

Gaustad, Patty
Garry Bjorklund2:08:23

Gazzola, Robert
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:08:40

Gegen, Susie
Challenge Aging50:00

Gellerup, Peter
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:03:59
Get in Gear1:25:03

Gentling, Lin
Spring Classic1:35:00
Healthy Human Race2:28:26

Gerber, Deb
Women Run the Cities57:08
Garry Bjorklund2:10:17

Gerber, Lynne
Autumn Woods Classic1:09:34

Gerenz, Bob
Medtronic Twin Cities3:03:22

Gerenz, Sue

Gerlach, Christopher
Medtronic Twin Cities2:59:17

Gerlach, Kristen
Monster Dash1:39:26

German, Aaron
Hoska Midsummer4:46

Ghylin, Curtis
Earth Day2:12:50
Lake Wobegon Trail5:06:08

Ghylin, Jackie
Historic Riverfront24:19
Be the Match24:48

Giandelone, Eric
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)55:26
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:13:10
Medtronic Twin Cities2:40:45

Giannobile, Paul
William A. Irvin18:33
Irish Run Saint Paul28:23
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:09:49
Garry Bjorklund1:23:05
Ron Daws1:41:35

Gibbs, Karen
Urban Wildland1:56:35

Giese, Diane

Gilbertson, James
William A. Irvin41:55

Giles, Ron
Get in Gear1:23:35

Gilleland, Beth
Women Run the Cities28:05

Gillis, Patrick
Garry Bjorklund2:12:40

Gilman, Allen
Irish Run Saint Paul40:34
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:35:45

Gilman, Jennifer
New Prague1:47:05
Medtronic Twin Cities3:37:19

Gilmer, Jeff
Garry Bjorklund1:32:12

Gilmore, Bruce
Get in Gear54:12
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:39:43

Giovinazzo-Yates, Sandra
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:57:55

Gjere, Mike
Healthy Human Race1:27:24

Glaeser, Julie

Glatzmaier, Dick

Godfrey, Mary
Medtronic Twin Cities3:42:51

Goetz, Jay
Minnetonka Summer Festival38:15

Goetzke, Kirt
Hoska Midsummer5:54
Anoka Gray Ghost18:14
Milk Run18:18
Monticello Riverfest18:51
Challenge Aging18:53
Senior Games19:01
Historic Riverfront19:04
Brian Kraft Memorial19:05
Park Point30:29
MDRA Victory36:49
Get in Gear39:16
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:02:24
Northern Lakes1:05:52
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:21:52
Medtronic Twin Cities2:56:02

Gomez, Betsy
Get in Gear58:29

Goodoien, Michael

Goodwin, Michelle

Goodwin, Patricia
Get in Gear58:53

Gordanier, Danielle
Hopkins Raspberry5:54
Hoska Midsummer6:07
Women Run the Cities20:03
Brian Kraft Memorial20:08
Irish Run Saint Paul33:57
Pursuit for Living Well34:08
MDRA Victory41:01
Get in Gear41:51
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:09:45
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:11:47
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:33:42
Ron Daws2:01:24

Gordon, Gerry
MDRA Victory33:58
Minnetonka Summer Festival52:46

Gordon, Winston
Urban Wildland1:52:57

Gormley, Deb
Hoska Midsummer5:51
Anoka Gray Ghost19:26
MDRA Victory19:33
Challenge Aging19:39
Veterans Day19:44
Monticello Riverfest19:44
Railroad Days19:55
Park Point32:28
Minnetonka Summer Festival34:05
Irish Run Saint Paul34:42
Crosslake Dam41:00
Drumstick Dash42:36
Get in Gear43:09
Bear Water1:06:35
Gear Western Country1:29:43
Garry Bjorklund1:32:00

Gotzsche, Michael
Medtronic Twin Cities3:58:54

Gould, Marsha
MDRA Victory42:25

Grabau, Zane
Bear Water56:22
Red, White & Boom! TC1:12:53

Graden, Karen

Gragert, Carol
Get in Gear1:05:05

Grandia, John
Anoka Gray Ghost28:42

Graupner, Jim
Hoska Midsummer7:32
Anoka Gray Ghost22:44
Irish Run Saint Paul36:15
Park Point40:20
Get in Gear44:13
MDRA Victory47:29
Spring Classic1:08:38
Bear Water1:17:55
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:20:27
New Prague1:39:38

Gray, Heather
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:14:00

Gray, Kathy
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:35:36

Greden, Nancy
Fools Five47:44

Green, Linda
Irish Run Saint Paul35:26
Get in Gear45:14
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:13:50
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:37:05
Medtronic Twin Cities3:33:00

Greeno, Dan
Brian Kraft Memorial14:52
Irish Run Saint Paul24:31
Get in Gear30:51
MDRA Victory30:53
Drumstick Dash32:15
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)51:03
Garry Bjorklund1:06:20
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:07:21
Urban Wildland1:08:26

Gregory, Barb
Earth Day2:10:38

Grey, Jonathan
100% Irish for a Day54:42

Grey, Matthew
Garry Bjorklund1:07:57

Grindle, Jim
Farmington Dew Run5:43
Get in Gear1:33:09
Medtronic Twin Cities3:27:49

Groffsky, Paul
Drumstick Dash1:17:44

Gross, Sy
MDRA Victory43:35
Bolder Options44:04
Halloween Fearless44:32
Mother's Day44:43
Challenge Aging44:55
Get in Gear46:04
Veterans Day46:08
Easter Sunday46:35
Twin Cities Lung Run47:08
Challenge Hearts & Minds48:45

Grossinger, Brooks
Medtronic TC (adjusted)56:29

Grossinger, Christopher

Gruba, Therese
Garry Bjorklund2:09:33

Grudem, Elaine
Med City2:31:40

Grundei, Kathy
Hopkins Raspberry10:30

Grundstrom, Wayne
Milk Run24:49
Irish Run Saint Paul41:17
Get in Gear52:10
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:21:16
Garry Bjorklund1:44:32
Red, White & Boom! TC1:45:45

Grunes, Shari
Monster Dash1:39:38

Grunewald, Justin
Hopkins Raspberry4:16
Hoska Midsummer4:25
Brian Kraft Memorial15:08

Guenther, Jan
Delano 4th of July21:24

Gunderson, Alicia
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:13:07
Garry Bjorklund1:39:39

Gunther, Helen
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:35:25

Gunvalson, Michael
MDRA Victory26:27

Gura, George

Gustafson, Kristin

Haack, Fred

Haake, Patrick
Farmington Dew Run6:12
Get in Gear43:35
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:13:05

Haar, Leeanne
Garry Bjorklund1:58:03

Habermann, Charlie

Habermann, Mary Jo
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:41:09

Hackley, Bob
Medtronic Twin Cities3:11:09

Haddock, Michael
Spring Classic1:02:40

Haffey, Lisa
Med City2:02:04

Hagan, Patrick
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:19:32
Monster Dash1:45:09
Urban Wildland1:49:37

Hage, Tim
Farmington Dew Run5:51

Hagen, Greg
Healthy Human Race1:38:54

Hagen, Joann
Earth Day2:10:47

Hagensick, Craig
Medtronic Twin Cities3:16:20

Haggerty, Betty Jo
Autumn Woods Classic28:03

Hakkola, Terry
Ron Daws2:14:33

Hale-Coldwell, Caroline
100% Irish for a Day1:25:35
Securian Winter1:56:49
Maple Grove1:57:38

Haley, Dave
Milk Run21:11

Halseth, Amy
Irish Run Saint Paul30:24
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:02:08

Halvorson, Pat
Garry Bjorklund2:27:24

Hamann, Maryjane
Minnetonka Summer Festival43:48
Monster Dash1:30:07
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:40:16

Hammel, Diane
Healthy Human Race32:17
Fools Five54:04

Handegard, Karen
Women Run the Cities1:29:50

Hankee, Diane
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:06:12
Earth Day1:29:50

Hannon, James
Spring Classic58:38

Hanscom, Laurie
Brian Kraft Memorial20:34
MDRA Victory21:47
Get in Gear41:57
MDRA Victory43:11
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:11:57
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:34:36
Ron Daws1:59:32
Medtronic Twin Cities3:20:52

Hansen, Andrew
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:30:13

Hanson, Elaine
FireCracker Footrace30:47

Hanson, Erik
Garry Bjorklund1:10:20
Medtronic Twin Cities2:28:07

Hanson, Harlan
Healthy Human Race1:39:29

Hanson, Jan
Monster Dash1:52:54
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:09:07
Red, White & Boom! TC2:30:30

Hanson, Lee
Blue Ox3:22:49

Hanson, Lorelei
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:27:05
Med City4:06:12

Harder, Steven
Medtronic Twin Cities3:50:10

Hardman, Ray
FireCracker Footrace36:20

Hardy, Tim
Brian Kraft Memorial15:48
Irish Run Saint Paul26:47
Gopher to Badger1:13:42
Bear Water1:55:04

Harley, Lori
Bear Water2:50:11

Harman, Kari
Monster Dash1:33:17

Harnly, Rosemary
Hoska Midsummer8:31
Farmington Dew Run9:00
Catch the Spirit29:42
Mother's Day29:48
Brian Kraft Memorial29:48
Milk Run30:15
Minnetonka Summer Festival50:15
Fools Five51:00
Irish Run Saint Paul54:39
MDRA Victory1:01:59
Get in Gear1:03:08
Bear Water1:43:25
Scenic Byway2:13:25

Harries, Valerie
Scenic Byway25:37

Harrington, Ann
Garry Bjorklund2:35:26

Harris, Frank
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:39:01

Harris, Gretchen
Drumstick Dash56:51
Women Run the Cities57:23

Harris, Mark

Hart, Karen

Hartley, Phil
William A. Irvin39:48

Hartman, Cologne
Milk Run30:29

Hartmark, Eric

Hartnett, Betty
Challenge Aging38:12
William A. Irvin41:19
Music in Plymouth44:25

Hartnett, Michael
Medtronic TC (adjusted)56:48

Hartwig, Kristopher
Bear Water2:36:44
Medtronic Twin Cities3:32:51

Hartz, David
Snowflake Shuffle20:46
Earth Day1:32:41
Red, White & Boom! TC1:32:47
Medtronic Twin Cities3:02:50
Run For The Lakes3:13:03
Lake Wobegon Trail3:19:40

Haskins, Zachary
Farmington Dew Run4:23

Haubner, Jim
William A. Irvin36:21

Hauer, Hilaire
Garry Bjorklund1:38:46

Hauge, Roger
MDRA Victory1:06:16

Haugejorde, Ann
Senior Games26:16
MDRA Victory27:38
Brian Kraft Memorial27:40
Senior Games57:47
Get in Gear58:17
Northern Lakes1:42:41
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:43:17
Garry Bjorklund2:12:59

Haugen, Barbara
Garry Bjorklund2:02:42

Hauser, Patricia
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:51:11

Havir, Russell
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:32:35

Hawkins, Bob
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:52:29
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:26:35
Medtronic Twin Cities5:47:09

Haworth, Mary
Garry Bjorklund2:13:43

Hegener, Gracia
Gopher to Badger3:15:10

Hegg, Anne
Brian Kraft Memorial31:14

Hegg, Chris
Brian Kraft Memorial20:36
Park Point33:46
Garry Bjorklund1:34:41

Heie-Joecks, Darlene
Anoka Gray Ghost37:59

Heikkila, Ted
Red, White & Boom! TC1:14:33

Heinen, Dale
Hoska Midsummer6:06
Brian Kraft Memorial20:38
Milk Run20:51
FireCracker Footrace20:54
Irish Run Saint Paul32:47
MDRA Victory41:41
Get in Gear41:46
Earth Day1:33:22
Securian Winter1:37:55
Ron Daws1:59:38
Northern Lakes2:20:17
Medtronic Twin Cities3:22:45
Lake Wobegon Trail3:25:39

Heitzman, John
Irish Run Saint Paul25:37
Earth Day1:13:08

Helm, Brian
Hoska Midsummer6:11
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:14:35

Heltzer-Quaas, Diana
Y Run35:49

Helvig, Clara
Hair to There43:31

Hempe, Jay
Bear Water2:18:59

Hendrickson, Michael
Lake Minnewaska1:27:35
Earth Day1:28:16

Henkels, Lindsay

Henly, Ananda
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:40:01

Hennessy, Mitzie
Fools Five1:13:54

Henry, Cheryl
Women Run the Cities1:31:05

Hentges, Carol
Hot Chocolate1:12:50

Herndon, Elizabeth
Irish Run Saint Paul28:13
Get in Gear35:37
Garry Bjorklund1:16:20
Medtronic Twin Cities2:39:21

Herold, Judy

Herzer, Sandy
Monster Dash1:29:29

Hesli, Pat
Anoka Gray Ghost42:31

Hess, Jennifer
Medtronic Twin Cities3:02:22

Hesse-Withbroe, Chris

Hestness, Barbara
Get in Gear42:10

Hewitt, Bev
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:20:44

Hiatt, Mary
Brian Kraft Memorial37:18

Hickerson, Renee
Hoska Midsummer6:58
Spud Fest40:50

Hiedeman, Janice
Railroad Days35:12

Hiedeman, Ray
Railroad Days35:49

Hilgendorf Johnson, Nancy
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:54:35

Hill, Sheila
Garry Bjorklund1:39:39

Hill, Sue
William A. Irvin26:58

Himes, Adam

Himler, Heather
Brian Kraft Memorial19:13
Irish Run Saint Paul31:43
Get in Gear41:15
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:09:36
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:31:14

Hines, Lisa
Hoska Midsummer6:40
Milk Run22:11
Brian Kraft Memorial22:16
River Rat22:41
Snowflake Shuffle23:21
Irish Run Saint Paul36:46
MDRA Victory44:49
Get in Gear45:28
Hot Chocolate1:12:33
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:15:55
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:17:49
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:40:20
New Prague1:43:47
Securian Winter1:58:56

Hinners, Carrie
Hoska Midsummer5:34
Irish Run Saint Paul30:20
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:06:45
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:26:44
Garry Bjorklund1:26:49
Medtronic Twin Cities3:00:16

Hinrichs, Tyler

Hirsch, Lisa

Hjellbakk, Oddbjorg
Garry Bjorklund1:55:01

Hlavac, Michael
MDRA Victory56:33

Hlavacek, Lisa
Medtronic Twin Cities3:54:10

Hlebain, Rick
Snowflake Shuffle20:46
Irish Run Saint Paul32:11
Monster Dash1:39:04
Bear Water2:30:28
Lake Wobegon Trail3:34:47

Hoban, Monica
Bear Water3:00:22
Medtronic Twin Cities3:57:49

Hobbs, Ada
William A. Irvin42:05

Hobbs, Roy
William A. Irvin37:54

Hoehn, Claver
Farmington Dew Run5:31

Hoelscher, Doug
Anoka Gray Ghost31:06
Be the Match34:37

Hoff, Krisana
MDRA Victory39:30
Medtronic Twin Cities3:10:25

Hoffman, Martha
Women Run the Cities1:42:21

Hoffman, Nate
William A. Irvin15:22
Garry Bjorklund1:11:58
Earth Day1:13:38

Hogan, John

Hogenson, Peter
Garry Bjorklund1:09:37

Hohmann, Judy

Hoisington, Sandy
Hot Chocolate1:27:34
Monster Dash1:38:55

Hokenson, Marcia
Women Run the Cities1:56:47
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:58:34

Holen, Gene
Milk Run27:49
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:42:48

Hollenhorst, Thomas

Holovnia, Jim
Historic Riverfront19:14

Holt, Leah
Drumstick Dash46:45
Monster Dash1:37:05
Circle the Lake1:43:37

Holt, McKenzie
Gopher to Badger1:25:52
Earth Day1:26:17
Garry Bjorklund1:27:26

Holt, Susan

Holum, Kathryn
Bear Water1:20:44
Urban Wildland1:39:22
Red, White & Boom! TC1:43:20
Lake Wobegon Trail3:43:27

Homa, Steve

Horan, Paul

Horn, Michelle
Medtronic Twin Cities3:42:18

Horsman, Wayne
Securian Winter1:30:04

Hoskens, Judith
Garry Bjorklund2:14:51

Hoskens, Thomas
Monster Dash1:33:02

House, Jerry
Senior Games24:54
Senior Games51:11
Get in Gear51:24
Securian Winter56:31
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:26:42
Red, White & Boom! TC1:53:37
Urban Wildland1:53:44

Hovell, Judy
Music in Plymouth47:01

Hover, Kelly
Monticello Riverfest28:29

Howell, Jeanne
Mother's Day40:28

Huber, Patrick
Hot Chocolate1:11:48
Medtronic Twin Cities3:34:43

Huberty, David
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)2:08:13
Maple Grove2:32:10
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:45:44
Medtronic Twin Cities5:55:27

Hubub, Wayne
Delano 4th of July30:46

Hudson, Hugh
Gopher to Badger1:32:37
Medtronic Twin Cities3:22:57

Hudson, Marlys

Hudspith, Mike

Huebner, Robert
Milk Run27:38

Huelsmann, Jennifer

Hughes, Patty
Y Run31:48

Hultman, Debra
Garry Bjorklund1:37:58

Humbert, Chris
Gear Western Country1:25:58
Earth Day1:26:20

Hunt, Penny
Senior Games37:04

Hunter, Peggy
Get in Gear2:18:54

Hup, Stanley
Medtronic Twin Cities3:40:30

Hutchinson, Ami
Gear Western Country1:27:03

Hyopponen, David
Garry Bjorklund1:13:58

Hytjan, Lori
Monster Dash1:24:10

Ibele, Gretchen
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:30:58
Garry Bjorklund1:56:36

Imbarrato, Susan
Medtronic Twin Cities4:41:15

Imes, Julian
Red, White & Boom! TC2:07:54
Maple Grove2:12:43

Ingman, MarySue
Milk Run26:35
Women Run the Cities53:52

Israel, Linda
Garry Bjorklund1:58:08

Iverson, Mark

Jackson, Edward
Monster Dash1:24:16

Jacobs, Ben
Brian Kraft Memorial15:45
Medtronic TC (adjusted)54:22

Jacobsen, Sonia
Brian Kraft Memorial25:22
Milk Run26:07
Anoka Gray Ghost27:35
Irish Run Saint Paul41:08
Get in Gear51:06
MDRA Victory52:54
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:27:01
Red, White & Boom! TC1:54:50
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:54:57
Urban Wildland1:59:26

Jacobson, Barb
Northern Lakes1:27:00
Garry Bjorklund1:51:33

Jacobson, Gwen
Fools Five37:17
Monster Dash1:18:31
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:19:24
Garry Bjorklund1:45:55
Med City4:06:11

Jacobson, Robert
Cranberry Cruise5:51
Veterans Day19:16
Scenic Byway19:20
Drumstick Dash40:48
Monster Dash1:04:05
Earth Day1:27:25
Ron Daws1:45:08
Lake Wobegon Trail3:10:20
Medtronic Twin Cities3:13:29

Jago, Jamie
Garry Bjorklund1:55:01

Jahn, Ruth
MDRA Victory49:25

James, Judith
Women Run the Cities1:21:54

Janey, Deborah
Milk Run26:38

Jansen, Gloria
Hopkins Raspberry7:37
Hoska Midsummer8:05
Easter Sunday24:35
Challenge Aging26:38
MDRA Victory27:05
Milk Run28:22
Irish Run Saint Paul40:12
Fools Five41:41
Get in Gear50:44
Monster Dash1:27:28
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:28:21
Bear Water1:30:01

Jansen, Karen
Securian Winter1:57:12

Jansen-Lee, Melissa
Hopkins Raspberry5:43
Earth Day20:26
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:09:09
Red, White & Boom! TC1:30:21
Earth Day1:31:26
New Prague1:33:36
Urban Wildland1:35:58
Run For The Lakes3:12:04
Med City3:28:43

Janssen, Susan
Monster Dash2:00:10
Red, White & Boom! TC2:05:44
Medtronic Twin Cities4:29:51

Januschka, Francis
Snowflake Shuffle38:36
Earth Day38:46

Januschka, Mary
Monster Dash1:27:20
100% Irish for a Day1:29:01
Earth Day1:53:56
Urban Wildland1:57:30

Januschka-Johns, Karen
Monster Dash1:27:20
Urban Wildland1:57:30
Medtronic Twin Cities4:15:50

Januszewski, Jake
100% Irish for a Day56:01

Jared, Ruth
Faster than the Pastor42:38

Jason, Colleen
Hot Chocolate1:14:50

Jendrzejek, David
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:18:11
Get in Gear1:43:15

Jensen, Dave
Get in Gear1:14:03
Garry Bjorklund2:38:28

Jergenson, Matt

Jeseritz, Cheryl
Monster Dash1:34:43

Jeska, Joan
Senior Games35:02

Joachim, Dan
Bear Water2:42:47

John, Mary
Garry Bjorklund2:57:19

Johnson, Allen
Anoka Gray Ghost47:51
Get in Gear48:41

Johnson, Barb
Milk Run23:19
Medtronic Twin Cities3:44:33

Johnson, Brad
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:11:37

Johnson, Corey
Get in Gear24:19
Monster Dash1:55:42

Johnson, Daniel
Autumn Woods Classic18:55
Get in Gear39:09

Johnson, Dennis
MDRA Victory27:38

Johnson, Elizabeth
Monster Dash1:11:27

Johnson, Eric
Minnesota Zoo Tiger Tracks20:37

Johnson, Grant
Brian Kraft Memorial15:34
Garry Bjorklund1:13:11
New Prague1:13:59

Johnson, Harvey
Anoka Gray Ghost26:08
Greenway's Gridiron Gallop29:02
MDRA Victory55:41
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:34:05
Northern Lakes1:43:21

Johnson, Julie
Hoska Midsummer7:04

Johnson, Karen

Johnson, Kevin

Johnson, Kristin
Bud Break32:32

Johnson, Lee Ann

Johnson, Mark
Garry Bjorklund1:13:57

Johnson, Rob
Medtronic Twin Cities4:37:19

Johnson, Robin
Earth Day25:40

Johnson, Ronald
Garry Bjorklund1:29:50

Johnson, Sonjie
Hoska Midsummer11:19
Veterans Day36:09
Challenge Aging36:38
Challenge Obesity37:56
Challenge Cancer38:12
Challenge Hearts & Minds39:01
Easter Sunday39:36
Spud Fest1:05:00
Women Run the Cities1:17:55
Senior Games1:27:28

Johnson, Steve
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:23:49
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:49:11

Johnson, Tricia
Run For The Lakes3:55:21

Jokela, Joanne
Moose Run1:05:28
Garry Bjorklund2:25:26

Jonassen, Robert
Garry Bjorklund2:53:30

Jones, Bryan

Jones, David
Medtronic Twin Cities4:19:50
Lake Wobegon Trail4:24:03

Jones, Evan
River Rat34:14

Jones, Krista

Jones, Marion
Blue Ox4:02:45

Joos, Andrea
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:08:26

Jordan, Denny
Brian Kraft Memorial20:58
Milk Run21:06
MDRA Victory21:10
Irish Run Saint Paul34:19
Get in Gear42:04
MDRA Victory42:55
Securian Winter48:11
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:10:05
Ki Chi Saga1:15:54
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:31:56
Earth Day1:34:55
Northern Lakes2:19:35
Medtronic Twin Cities3:13:31

Jordan, Leroy
Crosslake Dam43:26
Run For The Lakes1:33:55
Securian Winter1:46:27
Blue Ox3:30:19

Jorgensen, Gwen
Historic Riverfront16:45

Joseph-Goldfarb, Nancy
Monster Dash1:44:30

Juber, Bruce

Judd, Elaine
Snowflake Shuffle29:24
Earth Day2:10:59

Jung, Dottie
Minnetonka Summer Festival45:06

Junkermeier, Larry
Autumn Woods Classic35:09

Justin, Mick
Snowflake Shuffle24:03
Railroad Days24:29
Securian Winter1:53:46
Medtronic Twin Cities3:48:02

Juvette, John
100% Irish for a Day1:22:40
Red, White & Boom! TC1:47:11
Medtronic Twin Cities3:56:51

Kaeding, Jeannie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:15:15

Kagol, Danny
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:36:02

Kaitala, Erik
Urban Wildland1:21:00

Kalenborn, Michelle
Milk Run20:42
Monster Dash1:11:41
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:12:21

Kalika, Jennifer
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:20:57

Kalinkou, Uladzimir
Medtronic Twin Cities3:38:05

Kallio, Renee
Ron Daws1:54:14

Kallmes, David
Med City1:19:30

Kalscheller, Gene
Anoka Gray Ghost37:34

Kaltenhauser, Judith
Cranberry Cruise10:13
Snowflake Shuffle31:35
Pursuit for Living Well55:08
Garry Bjorklund2:31:26

Kamm, Jennifer
Medtronic Twin Cities3:33:41

Kampf, Ben
Brian Kraft Memorial15:38

Kampf, Heather

Kamphoff, Cindra
Medtronic Twin Cities3:06:16

Kandie, Richard

Kang, Shin
Medtronic Twin Cities3:56:24

Karnes, Rebecca
Monster Dash1:10:56

Karolus, Curt
Medtronic Twin Cities2:56:28

Kartschoke, Chris
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:02:19

Kasparek, Lisa
Get in Gear43:18

Kasper, Jan
Medtronic Twin Cities4:15:42

Kaul, Joel
Medtronic Twin Cities3:10:49

Kavouras, Theresa
Minnesota Zoo Tiger Tracks21:42
Monster Dash1:34:15
Scenic Byway1:38:33
Medtronic Twin Cities3:31:49

Kaye, Linda
Women Run the Cities24:51

Kayfes, Eileen
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:16:56

Kayfes, Molly
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:00:35

Keane, Maureen
Get in Gear38:07
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:05:12

Kearse, Herb
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:41:10
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:13:35

Keeler, Kelly
Hoska Midsummer6:23
Brian Kraft Memorial22:24
Irish Run Saint Paul34:32
Get in Gear43:45
Garry Bjorklund1:40:03

Keillor, Joey
Get in Gear33:01

Keiser, Kurt
Brian Kraft Memorial16:43

Keller, Doug
Brian Kraft Memorial17:29
Hair to There18:13
Irish Run Saint Paul29:10
Fools Five29:39
Get in Gear35:58
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:02:54

Keller-Gautsch, Laura
Be the Match32:15

Kelly, Caryn
Medtronic Twin Cities3:35:53

Kelly, Lynda

Kemp, Ann
Be the Match28:17

Kennedy, Gloria
Monster Dash3:15:56

Kennedy, Michael
Brian Kraft Memorial19:30
Anoka Gray Ghost19:36
Irish Run Saint Paul34:08
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:06:40

Kent, Tracie
Get in Gear43:43

Kern, Deborah
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:36:18
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:08:06

Kern, Stephen
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:19:07
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:43:05

Kessler, Pete
Farmington Dew Run5:16
Hoska Midsummer5:17
Monticello Riverfest17:41
Anoka Gray Ghost17:52
Music in Plymouth18:26
Earth Day18:47
Park Point29:51
MDRA Victory36:07
Get in Gear37:51
Lake Minnewaska1:25:31
Ron Daws1:50:53
Medtronic Twin Cities3:06:35

Kibbel, Glory
Get in Gear1:20:58
Monster Dash2:17:02

Kidd, Angela
Brian Kraft Memorial18:30
Irish Run Saint Paul30:13
Bolder Options38:07
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:00:46
100% Irish for a Day1:04:05
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:20:07

Kieser, Jeremy
Brian Kraft Memorial15:24

Kim, Hyon
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:40:01

Kiminski, Kailee

Kimlinger, Brenda
Garry Bjorklund1:45:55

King, Laurie
Brian Kraft Memorial21:55
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:14:39

King, Neil
FireCracker Footrace21:49

Kinne, Amy
Monster Dash1:27:57

Kippenhan, Christel
Blue Ox1:41:49

Kirk, Daniel
Senior Games54:26

Kirk, Robert
Drumstick Dash1:12:02

Kita, Hirohito
Med City1:39:07
Medtronic Twin Cities3:28:19

Kittock, Claudia
Everybody's Irish32:58

Kjome, Jeff
Medtronic Twin Cities2:56:01

Kjorstad, Gil
Garry Bjorklund2:06:46

Klaman, Theresa
Senior Games26:54

Klass, Lori
Monster Dash1:30:27

Klaverkamp, Mark
Medtronic Twin Cities3:16:57

Klecker, John
Hopkins Raspberry4:20

Klecker, Mary
Hopkins Raspberry5:39

Klees, Joyce
Drumstick Dash54:13

Kleyman, Jody
Monster Dash1:08:16
Ron Daws1:55:32

Kleyman, Rick
Farmington Dew Run6:54
Hoska Midsummer7:00
Anoka Gray Ghost24:07
Easter Sunday24:34
Brian Kraft Memorial24:58
Brainerd Race for the Cure25:04
Irish Run Saint Paul40:12
New Prague1:53:43

Klinck, Whitney
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:11:28

Klingfus, Elfie
Healthy Human Race39:18

Klitzke, Carol
Be the Match30:48
William A. Irvin32:19
Get in Gear1:01:24
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:56:30

Klobusnik, Jozef
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:11:37

Klotz, Rhoda
Blue Ox3:37:07

Klug, John
Fools Five37:48

Knight, Bill
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:05:15

Knight, Heidi
Monster Dash1:57:27

Knispel, Manuela
Brian Kraft Memorial20:02
MDRA Victory39:47
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:06:08
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:09:37
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:31:32

Knoll, Peter
Medtronic TC (adjusted)56:35

Knott, Kelcey
Gopher to Badger1:29:45

Knutaon, Laurie
Monster Dash1:44:54

Knuth, Gaylan
Autumn Woods Classic36:19
Get in Gear1:25:18

Knuths, Jay
Garry Bjorklund1:32:30

Knutson, Laurie
Get in Gear47:10
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:18:27
Garry Bjorklund1:45:10

Knutson, Lynne
Get in Gear1:09:40

Kobilarcsik, Linda

Kobilarcsik, Tyler
Garry Bjorklund1:13:53

Kocak, Mark
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:08:28

Kociscak, Jessica
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:06:48
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:27:51
Medtronic Twin Cities3:07:36

Kockelman, Julie
Get in Gear1:44:52

Koerner, Lamont
Bear Water2:51:33
Medtronic Twin Cities3:44:30

Kohlnhofer, Teresa
Garry Bjorklund1:56:09

Kohn, Leon
Park Point47:20
Garry Bjorklund2:36:49

Kohner, Deb

Kohorst, Steve
Garry Bjorklund1:35:10

Koivisto, Pam
Garry Bjorklund2:31:05

Kolenz, Kris
Garry Bjorklund1:48:28

Kolling, Toni
Med City1:27:13

Konat, Cathryn
Get in Gear59:19

Koosmann, Susan
Women Run the Cities32:55

Koppy, Michael
MDRA Victory47:03
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:18:46

Koski, Kari
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:09:46
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:32:01
Urban Wildland1:36:14
Medtronic Twin Cities3:15:35

Koski, Phoebe

Kouba, Jax

Kovalesky, Pat
Gopher to Badger2:16:10

Kovell, Bob
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:22:34
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:48:45
Earth Day1:50:02

Kozitza, Jerry

Kragseth, Eleanor
Garry Bjorklund3:03:52

Kramer, Gail
Catch the Spirit35:28

Krause, Debra
Healthy Human Race24:35
Healthy Human Race1:54:39

Krause, Julie
Women Run the Cities1:20:19

Krech, Peggy
William A. Irvin46:02

Kreis, Cindyi
Monster Dash1:49:38

Krenz, Nancy
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:22:28

Krepps, Kerry
MDRA Victory23:42
Senior Games24:44
Bolder Options24:46
Autumn Woods Classic50:54

Kresky-Griffin, Lisa
Farmington Dew Run5:56

Kristophersen, Ed
Run for the Melon30:14

Kroc, Jill
Garry Bjorklund1:36:15

Kroona, Heather

Krough, James
Garry Bjorklund2:22:57

Kruckow, Debra
Rock the Pavement28:23

Kruschke, William
Scenic Byway43:51

Kubes, Mark

Kucera, Ceri
Maple Grove1:34:52
Earth Day1:36:34
Red, White & Boom! TC1:37:14
Medtronic Twin Cities3:35:33

Kuelbs, Heidi
Medtronic Twin Cities4:14:21

Kufahl, Ken
Monster Dash1:33:55
Gopher to Badger1:39:09
Medtronic Twin Cities3:28:03

Kuglin, Todd
Anoka Gray Ghost18:40

Kunz, Don
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:22:30

Kunz, Mary
Women Run the Cities1:49:47
Monster Dash1:57:23
Garry Bjorklund2:20:34

Kuyava, Eugene
William A. Irvin49:05

Kycek, Frederick
Milk Run30:33

Labalestra, John
Senior Games25:32
Senior Games54:55

Lacek, Scot
Get in Gear39:55

Lamphere, Debbie

Land, Liana
Women Run the Cities1:19:22

Lando, Harry
Get in Gear2:07:49

Lane, Jon
Witch Hazel19:14

Lange, Douglas
Medtronic TC (adjusted)59:58
Lake Wobegon Trail2:50:51

Langehough, Jean
Minnesota Zoo Tiger Tracks26:33
Heart of the City27:14

Langen, Dennis
Delano 4th of July20:48

Langevin, William
Medtronic Twin Cities4:17:36

Langhout, Bill
Brian Kraft Memorial19:12
Irish Run Saint Paul31:55
Get in Gear40:12
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:10:32
Ron Daws1:49:59

Langum, Patricia
Bolder Options22:56
Bolder Options46:07
Women Run the Cities1:18:49
100% Irish for a Day1:19:31
Monster Dash1:39:26
Gopher to Badger1:41:55
Red, White & Boom! TC1:42:17
Maple Grove1:42:50
Get in Gear1:43:06
Medtronic Twin Cities3:39:19

Larkin, Robert
William A. Irvin42:35

Larranaga, Jim
Hopkins Raspberry5:03
Hoska Midsummer5:07
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:03:30

Larsen, Ditlev
Brian Kraft Memorial17:22

Larsen, Kathy
MDRA Victory1:08:17
Garry Bjorklund2:20:30

Larsen, Libby
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:37:33

Larsen, Rick
Hoska Midsummer5:27
Brian Kraft Memorial18:14
Irish Run Saint Paul30:21
MDRA Victory37:05
Get in Gear37:37
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:02:21
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:21:42
New Prague1:23:16
Ron Daws1:48:27
Medtronic Twin Cities2:54:02

Larsen, Ron
Gopher to Badger1:36:25

Larson, Alvin
MDRA Victory28:01
Drumstick Dash59:32

Larson, Greg
FireCracker Footrace22:15
Garry Bjorklund1:38:51

Larson, Gwenn
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:20:31

Larson, Jeanne
Brainerd Race for the Cure38:48

Larson, Kayt
Farmington Dew Run5:25

Larson, Kristi
MDRA Victory53:15
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:22:09

Larson, Lib
Snowflake Shuffle24:09

Larson, Ron
Ron Daws2:02:50

Larson, Shelly
Farmington Dew Run6:29
Get in Gear43:30
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:11:42
New Prague1:34:46

Larson, Terrie
William A. Irvin32:05

Larson, Trish
Get in Gear2:16:14
Medtronic Twin Cities4:53:55

Larson, Vicky

Lau, Jeanne
Monster Dash1:52:19

Laudenbach, Cheryl
Monster Dash1:27:38

Lauer, Cathy
Crosslake Dam1:05:42
Garry Bjorklund2:22:09

Lauer, Ed
Irish Run Saint Paul37:32
Get in Gear46:22
Crosslake Dam47:43
New Prague1:42:45
Securian Winter1:50:30

Laughlin, Barbara
Senior Games25:20
Senior Games53:57
100% Irish for a Day1:33:32
Monster Dash1:51:25

Laughlin, Diane
Garry Bjorklund1:46:36

Lavere, Carla
Red, White & Boom! TC1:52:34
Ron Daws2:24:07
Medtronic Twin Cities4:39:24

Law, Diane
Mother's Day24:04

Lawler, Bridget

Lawler, Mike
Ron Daws1:52:59

Lawson, Jerry
Farmington Dew Run6:34
Hoska Midsummer6:36
Senior Games22:46
Be the Match23:02
Fools Five37:32

LeDuc, Annette
Hoska Midsummer8:43
Brian Kraft Memorial31:23
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:52:04
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:26:02
Urban Wildland2:31:22
Medtronic Twin Cities5:26:23

LeDuc, Mark
Cranberry Cruise6:31
Veterans Day20:58
MDRA Victory42:42
Drumstick Dash43:36
Monster Dash1:09:46
Lake Minnewaska1:38:15
Bear Water2:32:50
Medtronic Twin Cities3:20:00

LePage, Francine
Get in Gear26:55
Everybody's Irish26:58
Hot Chocolate27:01

Leaf, John
Irish Run Saint Paul25:54
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)56:37
Garry Bjorklund1:11:22
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:14:14
Medtronic Twin Cities2:38:14

Leaf, Sue
Get in Gear56:30
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:40:36

Leafgren, Victoria
Get in Gear53:11
Drumstick Dash54:32

Leatherman, Joyce
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:36:14

Lee, Diann
Earth Day1:56:28

Lee, Emma
Irish Run Saint Paul29:33
Get in Gear36:27

Lee, Jim
River Rat30:10
Crosslake Dam59:46

Lee, Joan
Women Run the Cities57:03

Lee, Julie

Leer, Elizabeth
Lake Wobegon Trail3:28:01

Leer, Sarah
Get in Gear56:46
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:50:59
Monster Dash2:04:48

Leger, Leah
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:20:16

Lehman, Julie
Scenic Byway27:15

Leiendecker, Sue
Get in Gear49:34
Monster Dash1:53:42

Leinbach, Tim

Leininger, Barb
Milk Run24:01
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:22:32

Lemke, Erin

Lenarz, Jennifer
Women Run the Cities1:13:32

Lenertz, Denese
Medtronic Twin Cities4:43:17

Lensing, Rosemary
Senior Games24:46
Senior Games52:24

Lentz, Ursula
Shawn Silvera31:57

Leo, Lance
Hot Chocolate56:57

Leone, Nora
Music in Plymouth26:29

Leroy, Susan
Monster Dash2:33:06

Leslie, Kathy
Monster Dash1:41:32

Leslie, Margo
Mother's Day45:51

Lester, Jennifer
Red, White & Boom! TC1:46:54

Levine, Mary
Everybody's Irish25:15
Monster Dash1:48:41

Lewandowski, Cindy
Monster Dash1:13:51
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:14:20
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:37:43
Bear Water2:35:38

Lewis, Becca
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:15:43

Lewis, David
Blue Ox1:20:26

Lewis, Liz
Monster Dash2:05:29
Gopher to Badger2:07:42
Garry Bjorklund2:10:05

Lewis, Wanda
Securian Winter1:48:03

Liebl, Gregory

Lien, Cindy
Autumn Woods Classic32:41

Light, Julie

Liiste, Katie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:17:45

Lillehaugen, Timothy
Brian Kraft Memorial15:45
Medtronic TC (adjusted)54:04
Garry Bjorklund1:11:03

Lillehei, Patsy
Women Run the Cities43:56

Lindberg, Bob
Garry Bjorklund2:09:05

Lindberg, Jennifer
Drumstick Dash57:01
Hot Chocolate1:31:00
100% Irish for a Day1:40:11
Monster Dash2:11:39

Lindblom, Mark

Lindell, Bruce

Lindell, W. Scott
Garry Bjorklund1:13:13
Earth Day1:17:10

Linden, Mona
Garry Bjorklund2:21:11

Lindgren, Julie

Lindquist, Jackson
Garry Bjorklund1:14:59

Lindsay, Marisa
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:04:36
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:24:50
Red, White & Boom! TC1:26:36

Lindstrom, Kathy
Get in Gear1:07:24

Lippert, Pamela
Mother's Day34:36

Lippold, Adam
Monster Dash55:05
Medtronic TC (adjusted)56:01

Lo, Charles
Medtronic Twin Cities4:16:40

Loeffler, Kathy
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:40:53

Logan, Kari
Monster Dash1:06:30

Lohn, Erika

Loken, David
Autumn Woods Classic47:52
Garry Bjorklund1:48:29

Loran, Rod
Medtronic Twin Cities3:34:23

Lorbiecki, Shannon
Northern Lakes1:20:55
Bear Water1:29:14
Urban Wildland1:46:54

Lorenz, Keri
Monster Dash1:38:31

Lorier, Carol
Pine Tree50:57

Love-Kugler, Karen
Run for the Melon29:00

Lovrien, Kate
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:09:21

Loyd, Susan
Brian Kraft Memorial28:21

Lucken, Erik
Monster Dash1:25:31

Lueders, Steven

Lukk, Olaf
Autumn Woods Classic51:37
MDRA Victory53:06

Lund, Gloria
Garry Bjorklund1:54:13

Lund, Jennifer
Earth Day1:53:14

Lundberg, Brian
Hopkins Raspberry5:11
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:02:15
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:21:30
Bear Water2:20:01
Medtronic Twin Cities2:58:28

Lundstrom, Chris
Irish Run Saint Paul25:40

Lungstrom, Kraig
Get in Gear42:06
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:07:39

Lura, Carrie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:20:55

Lusignan, Trent
Brian Kraft Memorial15:13
Irish Run Saint Paul24:40

Lyman, Lori
Blue Ox2:13:30

Lyness, Deb
Monster Dash1:47:13

Lyng, Julia
Bear Water2:45:57
Medtronic Twin Cities3:32:54

Lysne, Karis
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:13:43

Maas, Mary
Women Run the Cities1:33:08
Monster Dash2:05:43

MacMillan, Tracy
Gopher to Badger1:50:49
Monster Dash1:53:06

Machacek, Tracy
Scenic Byway24:20

Mackenthun, Kathy
Monster Dash2:08:03

Mackin, Kevin
MDRA Victory20:56

Mackin, Robert
Rock the Pavement45:01

Madden, Karen
Bear Water1:26:36

Madden, Kathi
Brian Kraft Memorial20:29
Senior Games21:13
Irish Run Saint Paul33:29
Park Point34:08
Get in Gear42:15
Senior Games45:02
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:14:58
Garry Bjorklund1:34:54

Madole, Jennifer
Garry Bjorklund1:49:13

Madsen, Linda
Get in Gear27:58

Magdalene, Bill
Brian Kraft Memorial18:08
Irish Run Saint Paul30:16
Get in Gear37:12
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:05:57

Magnuson, John
Hoska Midsummer7:41
William A. Irvin25:31

Magnuson, Kelsey
Challenge Cancer18:29
Medtronic Twin Cities2:58:39

Mahoney, Kevin

Maijala, Yvette
Get in Gear46:10
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:15:13
Garry Bjorklund1:36:29

Majeski, David
Bear Water3:17:41
Medtronic Twin Cities4:40:06

Makela, Steve
Lake Minnewaska1:23:27

Makepeace, James
Veterans Day24:47

Malakwen, Sammy

Malecek, Joyce
Monster Dash1:08:27

Malecek, Rich
Spud Fest38:00

Maleniak, Rich

Mancebo-Meyer, Ninoska
Monster Dash2:05:14

Mangan, Nicholas
Medtronic TC (adjusted)53:07

Mann, Diane
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:41:54
Garry Bjorklund2:06:37
New Prague2:10:12
Healthy Human Race2:22:41
Med City2:24:51

Mann, Mike
Monticello Riverfest22:31
MDRA Victory22:52
Senior Games23:01
Challenge Cancer23:03
Kids Against Hunger23:41
Kids Against Hunger48:53
Senior Games49:00
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:20:45
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:47:18

Manos, Connie
Milk Run32:18

Maras, Chris
Monster Dash1:30:08

Marble, Jill
Lake Wobegon Trail3:33:24

Marchant, Jean
Hopkins Raspberry11:32
Run the Valley41:58

Marden, Dorothy
Hoska Midsummer9:43
Shawn Silvera33:08
Greenway's Gridiron Gallop33:45
MDRA Victory34:02
Irish Run Saint Paul57:32
Get in Gear1:10:28
Senior Games1:11:58
Monster Dash1:51:24
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:58:57
Women Run the Cities2:00:36
100% Irish for a Day2:01:56
Bear Water2:03:17
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:25:23
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:37:42
Urban Wildland2:41:45
New Prague2:41:52

Marden-Lokken, Sandy
Park Point49:27
Garry Bjorklund2:27:30

Marek, Dave
Garry Bjorklund1:21:52
Medtronic Twin Cities2:48:22

Mark, Maribeth
Garry Bjorklund1:39:26

Markert, Stephanie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:11:21

Markos, Barbara
Urban Wildland2:02:52

Marlatt, Kara
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:06:15
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:27:35

Marotz, Jake
Brian Kraft Memorial15:26
Irish Run Saint Paul25:25
Get in Gear32:09

Marshall, Anne
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:05:38
Garry Bjorklund1:27:50

Marshall, John
Garry Bjorklund1:34:52

Marshall, Wayne
Garry Bjorklund2:09:14

Marthaler, Yvette
Garry Bjorklund1:42:46

Martin, Lisa
Garry Bjorklund1:43:38

Martin, Pete
Lake Wobegon Trail3:59:03

Martisko, Les
Medtronic Twin Cities5:33:27

Martone, Jennifer
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:12:53

Masloski, Joanna
Get in Gear1:31:43
Ron Daws1:44:23

Matthees, Barbara
Monster Dash2:08:47

Matthiae, Jon
Challenge Addiction20:53

Matzke, Katie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:06:15
100% Irish for a Day1:11:24
Get in Gear1:29:55

Mau, Mandy
Monster Dash1:11:26

Maupin, Stephen
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:21:52
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:48:12

Maus, Jan

McAlpin, Julie
Monster Dash1:39:47

McAnally, Susan
Get in Gear45:51

McCabe, Sally
Twin Cities Lung Run27:51

McCarty, Shannon
Kids Against Hunger35:17

McCauley, Susan
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:52:09

McClellan, Deb
Monster Dash2:09:23

McClellan, Sandra
Brian Kraft Memorial18:10
Get in Gear39:44
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:00:41
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:06:15
Monster Dash1:19:58
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:25:38

McClellan, Sarah
Urban Wildland1:37:44
Red, White & Boom! TC1:37:56
Maple Grove1:38:27
Monster Dash1:39:12
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:39:43
Medtronic Twin Cities3:30:40

McCollor, Brian
Hoska Midsummer5:35

McCormick, Colleen
Medtronic Twin Cities3:41:26

McCoy, Craig
Hopkins Raspberry5:58
Run Camden20:57
Historic Riverfront21:26
Catch the Spirit21:30
Twin Cities Lung Run21:31
Brian Kraft Memorial21:37
Festival of the Lakes35:27
Minnetonka Summer Festival36:06
Irish Run Saint Paul36:08
Pursuit for Living Well37:13
Get in Gear44:11
MDRA Victory44:54
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:12:51
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:13:04
Monster Dash1:35:13
Garry Bjorklund1:36:02
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:36:11
Urban Wildland1:38:41
Red, White & Boom! TC1:39:22
Bear Water2:42:15

McCrossan, Mary

McFarland, Gayle
Healthy Human Race2:07:07

McGee, Katie
MDRA Victory36:36
Get in Gear38:27
Moose Run39:56
Garry Bjorklund1:23:14
Medtronic Twin Cities2:53:44

McGrath, Robert
Senior Games18:51

McGraw Nakagaki, Suzie
Monster Dash2:02:07

McGregor, Katie
Brian Kraft Memorial16:50
Pursuit for Living Well29:02
Get in Gear36:02
Medtronic TC (adjusted)58:39
Garry Bjorklund1:19:13

McGrory-Usset, Mary
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:39:22

McGuire, Christopher
Medtronic Twin Cities3:35:25

McKinney, Bridget
Bear Water2:25:01

McLean, Jim
Garry Bjorklund1:50:05

McLellan, Debbie
William A. Irvin40:47

McNabney, Vlckl
William A. Irvin33:52

McNamara, Jane
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:11:13

McNamara-Nelson, Patty
Medtronic Twin Cities3:32:42

McNichols, Larry
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:36:13
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:05:52
Maple Grove2:09:45
Medtronic Twin Cities4:32:50

McQuaid, Meredith
Easter Sunday27:00

McShane, Molly
Hot Chocolate39:51

McWhirter, Pamela
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:29:00

Mead, Gerad
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)58:26
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:17:04
Bear Water2:03:53

Mearkle, Mendal
Be the Match44:45

Medernach, Jennifer
Medtronic Twin Cities3:52:51

Meier, Pamela
Women Run the Cities1:41:32

Melander, McKenzie
Drumstick Dash38:28

Melde, Sarah
Women Run the Cities1:34:45
Monster Dash1:36:09
Healthy Human Race2:08:00

Melicher, Reed

Melody, Donna
Milk Run23:29
Get in Gear49:23
Medtronic Twin Cities3:57:57
Lake Wobegon Trail4:18:05

Menturweck, Lynne
Milk Run31:59

Menzel, Peggy
Healthy Human Race2:11:25
Med City2:12:57

Merchant, Ben
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)56:10
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:12:57
Medtronic Twin Cities2:38:02

Merfield, Graham
Securian Winter1:26:32

Merth, Greg
Red, White & Boom! TC2:11:34

Meshbesher, Marlee
Gear Western Country1:55:39
Med City1:57:05
Circle the Lake1:59:02

Messerer, Lisa
Get in Gear47:40

Metcalf, Josh
Get in Gear31:48
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)53:17
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:10:16

Metzger, Nancy
Monster Dash1:28:13

Meyer, Cynthia
Monster Dash1:39:13

Meyer, Judy
Hoska Midsummer6:33
MDRA Victory22:10
Witch Hazel22:58
Irish Run Saint Paul36:50
Get in Gear45:17

Meyer, Michaela

Meyer, Molly
Monster Dash1:34:56

Mickelson, Lori
Park Point38:31
Garry Bjorklund1:46:33

Mielke, Sarah
Circle the Lake2:14:40

Mikelson, Paul
Gopher to Badger2:08:10

Milan, Lisa
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:42:13

Miland, Linda
Northern Lakes2:48:36
Medtronic Twin Cities3:57:47

Milbradt, Diane
Garry Bjorklund2:02:52

Millar, Sandra
Garry Bjorklund2:17:46

Miller, Amy
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:12:49
Maple Grove1:36:38

Miller, Deb
Women Run the Cities1:27:47
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:29:00
Urban Wildland1:55:12
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:57:10

Miller, Emma
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:06:38

Miller, Greg
Garry Bjorklund1:49:41

Miller, Jeffery
Med City3:04:31

Miller, Julie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:09:07
100% Irish for a Day1:12:39

Miller, Kathleen
Brian Kraft Memorial20:56
Kids Against Hunger21:22
Irish Run Saint Paul34:21
Fools Five35:10
Get in Gear42:41
MDRA Victory46:03
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:18:36

Miller, Kenny
FireCracker Footrace15:38
Brian Kraft Memorial15:42
Railroad Days15:58
Irish Run Saint Paul26:08
Medtronic TC (adjusted)54:08
Blue Ox1:15:04

Miller, Kristin
Brian Kraft Memorial24:33

Miller, Landa
Senior Games39:52
Senior Games1:29:22

Miller, Shawn
Crosslake Dam24:30

Miller, Susan
Music in Plymouth24:10
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:27:38

Miller, Todd
Bolder Options47:36

Millett, Stacey
Irish Run Saint Paul43:00
Medtronic Twin Cities4:32:55

Mincke, Kaitlin

Minder, Jeanne

Mingo, Mal
Senior Games44:25
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:16:50
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:16:52
Garry Bjorklund1:38:35
Monster Dash1:39:15
Red, White & Boom! TC1:41:53
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:42:13

Miska, Teri
Garry Bjorklund1:57:58

Mitchell, Deb
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:34:58
Garry Bjorklund1:51:44

Mitchell, Marty
Medtronic TC (adjusted)54:23

Mitchell, Raymond
Ki Chi Saga1:02:45
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:08:18
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:29:24
Medtronic Twin Cities3:09:00

Moe, Lenora
Garry Bjorklund2:07:02

Moe, Nancy
Medtronic Twin Cities4:37:24
Lake Wobegon Trail4:40:52

Moening, Brad
Get in Gear35:26
Bear Water2:04:48
Medtronic Twin Cities2:45:31

Moening, Rita
Earth Day28:07

Mohs, Bert
Fools Five1:03:12

Molinaro, Anna

Moline, Mary
Garry Bjorklund1:48:46

Mondry, Jared
Brian Kraft Memorial22:13
Irish Run Saint Paul38:07
MDRA Victory45:44
Get in Gear47:56
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:16:57
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:40:33
New Prague1:41:21
Ron Daws2:05:52

Moore, Siglinde
MDRA Victory38:40
Challenge Addiction39:20

Moore, Terry
Hoska Midsummer10:20
Milk Run35:49

Moorman, Tom
Faster than the Pastor24:11
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:38:04
Maple Grove1:52:53

More, Rodney
Irish Run Saint Paul42:23
Red, White & Boom! TC3:13:47

Morey, Tyler
Medtronic TC (adjusted)56:14

Moriarty, Melanie
Medtronic Twin Cities3:27:01

Morley, Constance
Senior Games27:29
Senior Games58:59

Morrill, Dave
Med City1:46:59

Morse, Dan
Hopkins Raspberry5:19
Hoska Midsummer5:45
Brian Kraft Memorial19:28
Spud Fest31:34
Irish Run Saint Paul33:07
Kids Against Hunger40:07
MDRA Victory40:23

Mortenson, Bruce
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:27:34
Maple Grove1:44:34
Ron Daws2:08:10

Mortenson, Kelly
Brian Kraft Memorial15:59
Irish Run Saint Paul27:04
Get in Gear33:25
MDRA Victory33:50
Garry Bjorklund1:12:10

Moulsoff, Michael
Brian Kraft Memorial18:16
Get in Gear38:09
MDRA Victory38:16
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:02:37
Garry Bjorklund1:23:07

Mouw, Suzann
Get in Gear48:14
Northern Lakes1:18:18
Monster Dash1:42:47

Mudek, Edward
William A. Irvin30:21

Muehring, Deb
Earth Day1:48:47

Mueller, Christine
Monster Dash1:06:23

Mueller, Craig
Medtronic Twin Cities3:25:03

Mueller, Sharon
Fools Five1:05:54
Monster Dash2:30:41
Med City3:00:20

Muench, Lynn
Women Run the Cities47:22

Muffly, Kathleen
100% Irish for a Day1:25:01
Get in Gear1:47:12
Urban Wildland1:55:15

Mulder, Cara
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:15:54
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:39:29

Muller, Christine
Garry Bjorklund1:23:44

Mulrooney, Kathleen
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:11:23

Mulvagh, Sharon
Healthy Human Race2:13:25

Munn, David
100% Irish for a Day1:12:56
Medtronic Twin Cities3:27:27

Munn, Elaine
Earth Day2:21:13

Munsterteiger, Mary
William A. Irvin31:51

Murney, Bob
Medtronic Twin Cities3:59:52

Murphy, Dennis
Lake Wobegon Trail3:54:03

Murray, Jean
Healthy Human Race2:13:43

Murray, Judy
Snowflake Shuffle25:50
Monster Dash1:27:20
100% Irish for a Day1:29:01
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:34:26
Earth Day1:53:55
Urban Wildland1:57:30

Murray, Michael
Monster Dash1:15:41

Murray, Paul
Minnetonka Summer Festival43:29
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:31:33

Murugesan, Ethurdajdo
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:45:59
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:20:36

Mutchler, Greg
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:20:35

Myers, Mark
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:09:05

Nachmias, Melissa
Brian Kraft Memorial20:31
Women Run the Cities20:38
MDRA Victory22:50
MDRA Victory44:45
Red, White & Boom! TC1:34:58
Monster Dash1:37:28

Nagorney, David
Spring Classic1:14:46
Healthy Human Race1:44:12

Narum, Brian

Nash, Paula
William A. Irvin33:31

Nefstead, Robin
Rock the Pavement27:16

Neimeth, Jayne
Bear Water1:22:09

Neisen, Carol
Blue Ox2:00:24
Garry Bjorklund2:00:27

Nelsen, Leeann
Garry Bjorklund2:06:40

Nelsen, Wendy
Lake Minnewaska1:58:06

Nelson, Andrea
Blue Ox3:21:22

Nelson, Dennis
Medtronic Twin Cities4:30:37

Nelson, Donald
Earth Day32:18

Nelson, Elaine
Garry Bjorklund1:25:51

Nelson, Jody
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:15:04
100% Irish for a Day1:16:37
Red, White & Boom! TC1:39:17
Securian Winter1:44:12

Nelson, Joelle
Brian Kraft Memorial21:20
Irish Run Saint Paul35:38
MDRA Victory43:43
Get in Gear44:52
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:12:58

Nelson, Julie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:12:41

Nelson, Keith
Farmington Dew Run5:40
Senior Games20:06

Nelson, Kent
Earth Day35:37

Nelson, Larry
Med City2:11:08
Med City2:33:13

Nelson, Nancy
Women Run the Cities29:35

Nelson, Thomas
Medtronic Twin Cities3:23:37

Nelson, Yvonne
Earth Day40:33

Nemeth, Benjamin

Ness, Julie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:16:09

Nestingen, Peder
Medtronic Twin Cities2:45:15

Nestrud, Carol
Get in Gear1:34:32

Nesvold, Lori
William A. Irvin21:48

Neuhaus, Donella
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:16:57
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:40:28
Medtronic Twin Cities3:29:09

Neusch, Holly

Nevers, Marybeth
Garry Bjorklund2:21:52

Newman, Andrea
Get in Gear51:24

Newman, Cm
Monster Dash1:58:03

Nichols, Mary
Bud Break38:01

Nicholson, Jane
Women Run the Cities28:00

Niefeld, Trisha
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:14:04

Nielsen, Dan
Garry Bjorklund1:09:45

Nielsen, Pam
Irish Run Saint Paul31:21
Get in Gear39:47

Niemela, Scott
Brian Kraft Memorial18:30
Crosslake Dam38:19
Run For The Lakes1:24:30
Ron Daws1:42:40

Niemi, Kenneth
Garry Bjorklund2:54:52

Nietfield, Michelle
Anoka Gray Ghost24:32

Niska, Judy
Garry Bjorklund2:30:40

Niziolek, Michael
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:03:50

Noble, Mary
Drumstick Dash1:18:48

Nomura, Phil
Medtronic Twin Cities4:40:51

Norby, Rachel

Noren, Carol
Maple Grove2:05:39
Red, White & Boom! TC2:08:15
Bear Water3:30:07
Medtronic Twin Cities4:39:12

Normand, Anne

Norris, Bob
Milk Run36:58
Bear Water1:56:10
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:19:20

Norton, Ann
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:16:45
Garry Bjorklund1:38:22

Nosal, Marc
Ron Daws1:42:12

Nosek, Mary
Y Run32:41

Novak, Judy
Women Run the Cities44:33

Nowak, Christi

Nygaard, Nicholas

O'Brien, Mary

O'Brien, Nancy
Healthy Human Race29:00

O'Connor, Darla
Red, White & Boom! TC1:34:24
Get in Gear1:34:39
Medtronic Twin Cities3:19:42

O'Gara, Kris
Medtronic Twin Cities3:26:03

O'Meara, Kristin
Med City1:56:49
Healthy Human Race1:58:22

O'Regan, Patrick
Get in Gear57:58

O'Sullivan, Katy
Garry Bjorklund3:14:47

Oakes, Michael
Get in Gear36:06

Oconnor, Valerie
Autumn Woods Classic45:02

Odden, Linda
Milk Run25:49
Get in Gear53:50
Women Run the Cities1:29:42
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:31:54
Red, White & Boom! TC1:55:50
Securian Winter2:00:51

Oehrlein, Lottie
Medtronic Twin Cities4:38:51

Ogden, John
ALS Super Hero Dash1:00:37

Ohlsen, Greg
Medtronic Twin Cities3:35:05

Oien, George
Farmington Dew Run5:20

Oistad, Lorrie
Earth Day1:59:09

Olafson, Margaret
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:35:43

Oliver, Kerry
Lake Wobegon Trail3:34:38

Oliver, Sandy
Get in Gear55:04
Garry Bjorklund1:54:48

Oliver, Tim
Garry Bjorklund1:43:55

Ollerman, Esti
Monster Dash1:45:38
Urban Wildland1:48:27
Medtronic Twin Cities3:41:37
Lake Wobegon Trail3:58:40

Olsen, Nancy
William A. Irvin47:04

Olsen, Pam
Blue Ox1:33:51

Olsen, Sue
Garry Bjorklund1:58:01

Olsen, Susan
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:38:45
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:09:30
Medtronic Twin Cities4:29:31
Run For The Lakes4:30:15

Olsen, Suzie
Garry Bjorklund1:29:57

Olson, Amy

Olson, Cathy
Blue Ox4:14:31

Olson, Deborah
Garry Bjorklund2:05:29

Olson, Duane

Olson, Gary
William A. Irvin20:01

Olson, Glen
Get in Gear54:55

Olson, Lynn
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:24:21

Olson, Nancy
100% Irish for a Day1:39:22
Red, White & Boom! TC2:08:39

Olson, Richard
Greenway's Gridiron Gallop35:46
MDRA Victory36:14
Challenge Diabetes37:43
Catch the Spirit37:50
Bud Break38:35
Milk Run39:42
Witch Hazel40:30

Olson, Sara
Garry Bjorklund1:54:25

Olson, Susan
Run For The Lakes2:07:37

Olson, Verla
Get in Gear1:04:28
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:56:06
Garry Bjorklund2:15:11

Omann, Amy
Medtronic Twin Cities3:19:16

Omtvedt, Rhonda

Onaran, Ipek
Red, White & Boom! TC1:27:59

Onigkeit, Jim
Med City3:04:02

Onopa, Diane
Delano 4th of July23:22
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:28:06
Garry Bjorklund1:40:08

Opatz, Renee
William A. Irvin47:03

Orning, Judy
Music in Plymouth35:23

Oslund, Dean
Anoka Gray Ghost34:24

Ost, Tom
Medtronic Twin Cities3:35:14

Ostendorf, Vicki
Women Run the Cities1:16:21

Otterblad, Joyce
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:07:56
Garry Bjorklund2:21:09

Otto, Jane
Red, White & Boom! TC2:35:18

Oveson, Tony

Owens, Robert
Garry Bjorklund2:04:05

Packa, Dan
Park Point35:38
Garry Bjorklund1:42:37

Packa, Wendy
Park Point40:32
Garry Bjorklund1:57:32

Paisley, John
Bear Water2:59:43

Pakan, Martha
Get in Gear1:06:56

Palmer, Beth
Get in Gear57:55

Palmer, Shaun
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:15:49

Paradis, Drew
Medtronic TC (adjusted)55:07

Parish, Patrick
Get in Gear32:11

Parkin, Shirley
Brainerd Race for the Cure36:21

Parmeter, Lorrie

Paschke, Wayne
William A. Irvin37:44
Milk Run38:43
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:14:07

Paszko, Elizabeth
Garry Bjorklund2:57:04

Patrin, Candy
Brian Kraft Memorial27:52
Senior Games28:04
MDRA Victory57:09
Senior Games57:46
Get in Gear57:52
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:39:48
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:39:48
Bear Water1:40:10
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:10:36
Urban Wildland2:15:39

Patton, Mary
Run the Valley53:14

Paugh, Dana
Get in Gear48:01

Paul, Daniel
Medtronic Twin Cities3:07:29

Paulsen, Laura
Brian Kraft Memorial17:27
Irish Run Saint Paul28:00
Garry Bjorklund1:17:18

Paurus, Robin
Garry Bjorklund1:43:47

Paxton, Bobby
Hopkins Raspberry5:10
Hoska Midsummer5:21
Cranberry Cruise5:59
Brian Kraft Memorial17:47
Greenway's Gridiron Gallop18:06
Senior Games18:52
Irish Run Saint Paul29:51
Pursuit for Living Well31:16
Get in Gear37:04
MDRA Victory37:31
Senior Games39:55
Securian Winter42:48
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:03:53
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:06:17
100% Irish for a Day1:06:58
Garry Bjorklund1:22:07
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:23:59

Pearson, Bert
Fools Five1:00:16

Pearson, Mark
Medtronic Twin Cities3:01:41

Pearson, Toni
Garry Bjorklund1:49:48

Pedersen, Tom
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:21:39
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:47:05
Gopher to Badger1:50:17
Bear Water2:56:44

Pederson, Larry
Healthy Human Race2:29:12

Pederson, Marvanna
Earth Day46:50

Pederson, Tia
William A. Irvin22:41

Peiffer, Edward
Milk Run38:09

Pender, Connie
Moose Run50:39
Garry Bjorklund1:54:58

Pennings, Molly
Brian Kraft Memorial19:46
Get in Gear40:53
Garry Bjorklund1:27:26

Perko, Rachel

Perlinger, Kathryn
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:58:43

Peterka, Michael
Medtronic TC (adjusted)54:38

Peters, Daniel
Red, White & Boom! TC1:13:38

Peters, Kathryn
Monster Dash1:25:43

Peters, Paul
Garry Bjorklund1:47:03

Petersen, Diane
Pine Tree27:49

Petersen, Mary Jane
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:38:20

Peterson, David
Farmington Dew Run5:39

Peterson, Gerald
Monster Dash1:25:53

Peterson, Heidi
Garry Bjorklund1:19:12

Peterson, Jonathan
Irish Run Saint Paul15:11
Get in Gear29:52
Medtronic TC (adjusted)48:57

Peterson, Julie
Hot Chocolate25:30
Get in Gear58:05

Peterson, Karen
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:28:24

Peterson, Kathleen
Brainerd Race for the Cure26:16
Brian Kraft Memorial26:40
Park Point42:23
Crosslake Dam54:29
Monster Dash1:31:30
Women Run the Cities1:34:42

Peterson, Marcus
Medtronic TC (adjusted)59:43
Monster Dash1:00:38

Peterson, Marie
William A. Irvin40:03
Park Point1:02:37
Festival of the Lakes1:03:28

Peterson, Nicholas

Peterson, Rebecca
Garry Bjorklund1:40:03

Peterson, Sabine
Garry Bjorklund1:43:59

Peterson, Sheryl

Peterson, Susan

Peterson, Thomas
Park Point33:17

Petit, Libby
Senior Games1:02:58

Petsch, Joyce
Garry Bjorklund2:25:38

Petsch, William
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:21:10
Earth Day1:41:44

Peyton, Meghan
Brian Kraft Memorial16:07
Medtronic Twin Cities2:40:31

Pfahning, Kay
Healthy Human Race2:19:05

Pfannenstein, Mary Kay
Earth Day26:50

Philippot, Donna
Irish Run Saint Paul35:41
Bolder Options45:02
MDRA Victory45:53
Women Run the Cities1:15:16
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:15:24
Red, White & Boom! TC1:37:26
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:38:49
Urban Wildland1:41:17
Securian Winter1:43:25
Medtronic Twin Cities3:22:05

Phillips, Alan
Hoska Midsummer8:49
Brian Kraft Memorial28:32
Challenge Aging29:21
Challenge Cancer29:35
Earth Day30:23
Irish Run Saint Paul46:50
Get in Gear59:08
MDRA Victory1:04:42
Lake Wobegon Trail5:25:05

Phillips, Gloria
William A. Irvin30:49

Phillips, Pam
Healthy Human Race32:45
Healthy Human Race2:36:33

Phillips, Patrick
William A. Irvin27:19

Phillips, Vicki

Pickar, Jessie
Monster Dash1:34:28

Pieper, Bernhard
Fools Five1:03:58

Pierach, Claus
Get in Gear1:38:07
Securian Winter1:38:49

Pierson, Kim
Garry Bjorklund1:50:02

Pietrick, Sophie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:05:43

Pilcher, Colleen
Greenway's Gridiron Gallop30:19
Heart of the City30:27
Women Run the Cities1:46:24
Urban Wildland2:11:45

Ping, Martha
Brian Kraft Memorial30:27

Ping, Megan
Fools Five32:11

Pladson, Char
Women Run the Cities1:07:51

Plant, Vicki
William A. Irvin30:48

Platt, Brittany
Garry Bjorklund1:27:43

Podolske, Dawn
Healthy Human Race27:01

Pohlkamp, Terry
Gopher to Badger1:42:38
Bear Water2:43:33
Medtronic Twin Cities3:35:13

Pokorney, Susan
Irish Run Saint Paul43:33
MDRA Victory55:34
Women Run the Cities1:35:24

Pollmann, Robert
Senior Games52:55

Pooch, Jean
Milk Run32:44

Poppen, Susan
Medtronic Twin Cities3:39:17

Porte, Eric

Posey, Sandy
Monster Dash1:51:20

Potter, Lisa
Gopher to Badger1:38:03

Powers, Carolyn
100% Irish for a Day1:27:27

Pramann, Laura
Get in Gear54:58
Autumn Woods Classic55:50
Monster Dash2:13:04

Prentice, Tom
Irish Run Saint Paul31:25

Prescher, Carol
Fools Five1:07:17

Presnail, Brian
Garry Bjorklund1:39:54

Price, Stephanie
Brian Kraft Memorial18:25
Irish Run Saint Paul30:16
MDRA Victory37:43
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:02:38
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:03:55
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:23:31
Lake Minnewaska1:25:03

Printy, Judith
Women Run the Cities1:17:59

Prokopowicz, Cathy
Monster Dash2:07:28

Prom, Greg
Senior Games37:50
MDRA Victory43:39

Prosser, Muggs

Prov, Kat

Provenzano, Kathy
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:08:27
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:29:58
Medtronic Twin Cities3:24:49

Pullman, Bill
Hopkins Raspberry6:08

Pullmann, Robert

Purcell, Mary
Bolder Options24:09
Red, White & Boom! TC1:53:12
Urban Wildland1:58:08
Securian Winter2:00:30
Lake Wobegon Trail4:03:44

Purrington, Norm
Brian Kraft Memorial23:59
Senior Games25:09
MDRA Victory28:32
Irish Run Saint Paul41:22
MDRA Victory49:44
Get in Gear50:18
Senior Games52:42
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:27:00
New Prague1:48:42
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:57:39
Securian Winter2:05:15
Medtronic Twin Cities3:56:26

Puschinsky, Melissa
Monster Dash1:45:23

Quarford, Mary
Easter Sunday24:51
Bud Break24:57
Monster Dash1:22:41

Quesnell, Jody
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:19:48

Quinlan, Maggie

Radel, Diane

Rafael, Dave
MDRA Victory1:17:20
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)2:03:44
Gear Western Country2:38:51
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:41:40
Monster Dash2:45:59
Gopher to Badger3:01:32
Medtronic Twin Cities6:16:08

Rahkola, Debra
Garry Bjorklund2:12:08

Raile, Cheryl
Maple Grove2:09:15

Ramacher, Sharon
William A. Irvin32:17

Ramacier, Jim
Hoska Midsummer5:31
Ron Daws1:47:24

Rassier, Kevin
Medtronic Twin Cities3:31:37

Rather, Sandra
Lake Wobegon Trail4:11:21

Rauch, Patricia
Earth Day40:58

Rawn, Florence
William A. Irvin51:01

Ready, Roxanne

Recker, Rick
Historic Riverfront26:17
Hair to There27:08
William A. Irvin27:57
MDRA Victory28:01
Monticello Riverfest28:16

Reddan, Julie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:16:23

Rediger, Andrea
Medtronic Twin Cities2:49:46

Reed, Robin
Get in Gear1:23:47

Refling, Joan
Garry Bjorklund2:57:44

Reger, Jerry
Run for the Melon57:35

Rehm, Jackie
Fools Five1:01:47

Reiland, Holly

Reimer, Pam
Women Run the Cities47:59
Run the Valley48:46

Reinders, Matthew
Farmington Dew Run5:06

Reinfeld, Bill
Halloween Fearless21:49
Challenge Aging22:05

Reisnouer, Vickie
Get in Gear36:20
Bear Water1:55:01

Reneau, Michael
Brian Kraft Memorial14:54
Irish Run Saint Paul24:37
Get in Gear30:34
Lake Minnewaska1:06:04

Renier, Joseph
Medtronic TC (adjusted)53:57
Garry Bjorklund1:14:49

Renlund, Jeff
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)56:39
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:14:39

Renner, Max
Brian Kraft Memorial15:00
Irish Run Saint Paul25:15
Get in Gear31:35
MDRA Victory32:00
Medtronic TC (adjusted)52:20

Resman, Sabrena
Spring Classic1:16:00
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:32:29
Med City1:45:08
Healthy Human Race1:50:19

Reynolds, Jerry
Healthy Human Race48:49

Rian, Patti

Rice, Lauren
MDRA Victory37:02
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:03:34
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:22:06

Richard, Pat
Brian Kraft Memorial20:30
Be the Match21:00
Get in Gear43:14
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:09:10

Richardson, Jim

Richert, Phil
Hopkins Raspberry4:31

Richter-Norgel, Ellen
Women Run the Cities1:34:31

Riddle, Dena
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:42:34
Red, White & Boom! TC2:08:27

Ridge, Gary
Senior Games1:00:55

Rikala, Joy
Hot Chocolate1:37:26
Garry Bjorklund2:11:29

Ringham, Kathryn
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:01:11

Rinke, Beverly
Monster Dash2:02:13

Rippe, Lisa

Ritler, Alfred
Upsala Heritage45:11

Rivard, Samantha
Garry Bjorklund1:19:27
Gopher to Badger1:20:17

Roach, Charlie
MDRA Victory38:35
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:10:46
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:32:56
Medtronic Twin Cities3:13:42

Roach, Greg
Snowflake Shuffle18:49
Monster Dash1:28:42

Roach, Jan
River Rat42:01

Roach, Laura
Get in Gear38:12
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:03:50

Roberts, Deb
Brainerd Race for the Cure29:01
Run For The Lakes2:12:43

Robertson, Gregg
Brian Kraft Memorial16:50
Garry Bjorklund1:13:36
Ron Daws1:37:52

Robertson, Kari
Garry Bjorklund1:33:35

Robertson, Kimo

Rock, Bernice

Rock, Christie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:15:05

Rock, Missy
Medtronic Twin Cities2:55:56

Roeger, Brent
Hoska Midsummer4:59
MDRA Victory16:50
MDRA Victory33:56
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)57:49
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:16:01

Roehr, Nancy
Get in Gear32:28

Rogers, James
William A. Irvin30:31

Rogers, Jimmy
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:58:18

Rogers, Kelly
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:19:03

Rogers, Nick
MDRA Victory27:56
Get in Gear58:50

Rogers, Susan
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:22:59

Rogness, Jodi
Garry Bjorklund1:59:54

Rohne, Brianna
Garry Bjorklund1:26:37
Lake Wobegon Trail3:04:27

Rohr, Vince
Ron Daws2:54:32

Rolf, Larry
Anoka Gray Ghost35:43

Roll-Kuhne, Amanda
Medtronic Twin Cities4:41:39

Rombough, Chris
Brian Kraft Memorial15:24

Ronning, Karen
Medtronic Twin Cities3:20:02

Roscoe, Bob
MDRA Victory1:04:21

Roseen, David
Senior Games53:14
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:33:34

Rosen, Kenneth

Rosenwinkel, Mark
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:14:57
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:38:47

Ross, Nick
Brian Kraft Memorial15:26
Irish Run Saint Paul25:43
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)56:10
Garry Bjorklund1:11:02
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:12:59

Ross, Rick
Halloween Fearless25:36
Mother's Day26:27

Ross, Scott
Medtronic Twin Cities3:17:40

Ross, Sheila
Lake Wobegon Trail3:53:14

Rossing, Jessica
Garry Bjorklund1:28:13

Roth, Debbie
Bud Break30:19

Roth, Debroah
Run the Valley1:04:13

Roth, Mark
Monster Dash1:27:41

Roth, Meghan

Rotich, Sammy

Rousseau, Ed
Brian Kraft Memorial25:35
Shawn Silvera27:15
Irish Run Saint Paul43:44
Get in Gear53:04
Blue Ox2:06:47
Securian Winter2:10:44
Medtronic Twin Cities4:31:22

Roy, Lara

Roy, Steve
MDRA Victory25:14

Rozman, Lisa
Garry Bjorklund1:29:37
Med City1:34:39

Rubens, Sue
Maple Grove1:44:52

Rubens, Susan
Garry Bjorklund1:40:33

Rue, James
Medtronic Twin Cities3:28:18

Rumore, Gina
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:11:51

Running, Julie
Hoska Midsummer5:20
Urban Wildland1:27:56

Rupert, Barbara
Garry Bjorklund1:55:36

Russ, Shelly
Garry Bjorklund2:36:10

Russell, Patrick
Irish Run Saint Paul26:01
Get in Gear33:06
Securian Winter1:14:09

Ruter, Brendan
MDRA Victory32:45
Medtronic TC (adjusted)56:43

Ruud, Caroline
Run For The Lakes2:00:21

Ryan, Jay

Ryan, Kathryn
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:46:06

Ryan, Mary
Medtronic Twin Cities4:32:18

Ryan, MaryClaire
Brainerd Race for the Cure30:08

Ryan, Patrick
Hoska Midsummer7:59
Irish Run Saint Paul45:35
Heart of the City57:17
MDRA Victory57:23
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:39:12

Ryan, Sara
Medtronic Twin Cities3:28:00
Lake Wobegon Trail3:30:25

Rykken, Judy
Bud Break41:14

Sachs, Heidi
Garry Bjorklund1:57:34

Sage, Brendan
Monticello Riverfest15:21

Sakry, Theresa
Red, White & Boom! TC1:40:00
Medtronic Twin Cities3:29:36

Salinas, Antonio
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:49:25
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:25:21
Medtronic Twin Cities6:17:34

Sames, Brian
Urban Wildland1:14:09

Sandahl, Jerald

Sandals, Andrea
Monster Dash1:45:37

Sander, Merilee
Snowflake Shuffle24:33
Monster Dash1:20:51
Med City1:48:42

Sanders, Katie
Monster Dash1:45:49

Sanders, Mark
Garry Bjorklund1:13:47

Sanders, Michel
Irish Run Saint Paul51:25
MDRA Victory1:00:07
Red, White & Boom! TC2:20:00
Monster Dash2:20:35

Sandor, Marjorie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:32:53

Sandroni, Paola
Healthy Human Race1:51:00

Sandy-Lahr, Tammy
Monticello Riverfest23:15

Sanem, James
Monster Dash1:40:29

Sang, Elly

Sankey, Carolyn
Hoska Midsummer10:45
Senior Games37:26

Sarafolean, Mary
Hoska Midsummer8:12

Sathre, Ben
Brian Kraft Memorial14:36
Garry Bjorklund1:06:16

Sautter, Kathy
Autumn Woods Classic44:44

Savage, Sue
Monster Dash1:20:18

Sazama, Donny

Sazima, Don
Challenge Aging38:12
William A. Irvin41:19
Music in Plymouth44:25

Scandrett, Orin
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:27:12
Red, White & Boom! TC2:56:18
Monster Dash3:00:01
Urban Wildland3:01:26

Schachtman, Heidi
Medtronic Twin Cities3:44:00

Schaefer, Jon
Medtronic Twin Cities6:15:16

Schaefer, Paul
Healthy Human Race1:41:46

Schafer, Joan

Schaffer, Robert
Run the Valley1:03:25
Maple Grove2:18:44

Schaffler, Kay
Bud Break35:27

Scheel, Kim
Bear Water2:17:51

Scheibel, Jim
Healthy Human Race1:57:14

Schlafke, Jamie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:15:40
Garry Bjorklund1:41:58

Schlafmann, Cindy
Red, White & Boom! TC1:42:10

Schlegelmilch, John
Hoska Midsummer7:01
Brian Kraft Memorial23:31
Fools Five41:20
Get in Gear49:18
Bear Water1:26:20

Schliep, Monica
Circle the Lake1:53:23
Bear Water2:52:37

Schlosnagle, Don
Healthy Human Race1:50:16

Schlueter-Morlan, Karen
Earth Day1:50:46

Schmidt, Kathryn

Schmit, Cathy
Shawn Silvera27:10
Mother's Day28:02

Schmitt, Bill
William A. Irvin22:14

Schmitz, Stuart
Senior Games53:06
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:33:00

Schneider, Ben
Brian Kraft Memorial15:35
Irish Run Saint Paul25:35
MDRA Victory32:08
Medtronic TC (adjusted)52:55

Schneider, Carl
Garry Bjorklund2:30:46

Schneiderhan, Joseph
Earth Day1:20:15
Lake Minnewaska1:21:40

Schnell, Robert
Get in Gear51:07

Schnobrich, Marilyn
Hoska Midsummer7:52
Brian Kraft Memorial26:53
Park Point42:49
Get in Gear55:30
Garry Bjorklund1:58:55

Schoen, Jane
Bud Break35:43

Schoffman, Jim

Schramm, Erica
Gopher to Badger1:27:54

Schreiber, David
Irish Run Saint Paul24:43
Autumn Woods Classic50:49
Securian Winter56:45

Schreiber, Lee
Faster than the Pastor32:39
Shawn Silvera33:05
Autumn Woods Classic1:12:53

Schreifels, John
Medtronic Twin Cities3:58:11

Schreurs, Pam
Get in Gear1:05:49

Schroeder, Amy
Earth Day24:53
Garry Bjorklund1:49:39
Medtronic Twin Cities4:01:00

Schroeder, Dawn
Healthy Human Race2:02:28

Schroeder, Ronald

Schuchardt, Peter
Get in Gear56:39
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:33:03

Schuldt, Barbara
Farmington Dew Run12:01

Schuldt, Rick
Farmington Dew Run6:30

Schultz, Jason
Farmington Dew Run5:08

Schultz, Sherri
New Prague1:47:39

Schultz, Susan
Get in Gear1:02:22

Schumacher, Tom
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:03:31
Get in Gear1:22:45
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:23:12
Medtronic Twin Cities2:53:39

Schuster, Gerald
Irish Run Saint Paul18:54

Schutt, Michelle
Lake Wobegon Trail4:05:29

Schwab, Joy
Securian Winter1:03:40

Schwartz, Lynn

Schwie, Lynn
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:58:43

Schwieters-Wander, Caroline

Scotland, Lee
Blue Ox2:11:49

Sederstrom, Donna
Red, White & Boom! TC1:55:26

Segler, Shellie

Selisky, John
Get in Gear2:04:45

Sellers, Elizabeth
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:10:54

Senjem, David
Monster Dash2:29:11

Senty, Laurie
Monster Dash1:47:48

Severson, Ann
Music in Plymouth43:33
Get in Gear45:25

Severson, Kyle
Medtronic TC (adjusted)56:24

Severson, Levi

Shanks, Diane
Healthy Human Race42:47

Shea, Kathleen
Farmington Dew Run8:01
Hoska Midsummer8:07
Brian Kraft Memorial26:29
MDRA Victory53:40
Get in Gear55:47
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:30:21

Sheie, Mary
Autumn Woods Classic31:45

Shelquist, Jayne

Shelton, Holly
Women Run the Cities1:21:05

Sheridan, Margaret
Get in Gear46:59
100% Irish for a Day1:24:28
Medtronic Twin Cities3:16:47

Sherman, Andrew
Medtronic Twin Cities2:45:28

Sherman, Kirk

Shomper, Diane
Red, White & Boom! TC2:08:53

Shovein, Jack
Garry Bjorklund1:35:06

Shumaker, Therese
Fools Five35:53
Spring Classic1:07:37
Med City1:34:52
Healthy Human Race1:34:57
New Prague1:45:14
Medtronic Twin Cities3:38:11

Siegel, Andrew
Brian Kraft Memorial17:00
Irish Run Saint Paul27:58
Get in Gear35:21

Siegwart, Leslie
Red, White & Boom! TC1:32:19

Sieve, Greta

Sikorski, William
Hoska Midsummer5:13

Simmons, Sam
Veterans Day23:08
Medtronic Twin Cities3:54:26

Simonson, Faye
Get in Gear1:07:21

Sirois, Karen
Garry Bjorklund1:49:10

Sjolund, Steven

Sjoquist, Constance
Eastview NHS Scholarship22:52

Skeate, Gary
Earth Day2:12:32

Skillicorn, John

Skluzacek, Colleen
Medtronic TC (adjusted)2:17:48

Skruppy, Virginia
Hoska Midsummer7:06
Senior Games25:57
Pursuit for Living Well42:24

Slaggie, Tom
Fools Five1:15:17

Smiles, Vincent
Earth Day2:04:52

Smith, Jacob
MDRA Victory32:34
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:14:26

Smith, Kyle
MDRA Victory32:40
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)55:30
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:12:35
Medtronic Twin Cities2:29:22

Smith, Lowell

Smith, Mary Ann
William A. Irvin43:03

Smith, Megan
Get in Gear38:04

Smith, Ruth

Smith, Scott

Smith, Sherri
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:22:03

Smith, Terry
Garry Bjorklund2:00:27

Smith, Tom
Everybody's Irish34:33
Challenge Aging40:48
Monster Dash3:25:34

Smyth, Alison
MDRA Victory37:59

Snell, Tim
Garry Bjorklund1:16:28

Snuggerud, Ann
Irish Run Saint Paul35:42
Get in Gear44:09
MDRA Victory44:17
Monster Dash1:11:34
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:11:41

Snyder, Kyle

Snyder, Larry

Snyder, Tamara
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:21:11
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:47:00
Medtronic Twin Cities3:50:04

Sogaard, Kim

Soll, Roxy
Monster Dash2:34:27

Soller, Betty
Run For The Lakes1:51:17

Sonnek, Chris
Garry Bjorklund1:39:40

Sonnesyn, Jill
Hair to There22:04

Sonnesyn, Marit
Garry Bjorklund1:22:28

Sons, Bonnie
Brian Kraft Memorial20:18
Irish Run Saint Paul33:51
Get in Gear41:19
Lake Minnewaska1:35:39

Sorensen, Shaelyn
Gopher to Badger1:26:04

Sorensen, Sue

Soular, Julie
Garry Bjorklund1:48:27

Spanier, Kathy
Earth Day32:43

Speltz, Carol

Spoon, Emma
Brian Kraft Memorial17:54
Garry Bjorklund1:22:09

Spry, Robert

St.Amand, Jennifer

Stalter, Rosemary
Women Run the Cities1:20:40

Stanaway, Leslie
Hot Chocolate29:22
Senior Games50:27
Gear Western Country1:52:36

Standly, Anja
New Prague1:30:14
Ron Daws1:50:16

Stanislav, Mary
Halloween Fearless25:53
Bolder Options26:56

Stanton, Jan
Twin Cities Lung Run38:18
Get in Gear41:42
Women Run the Cities1:22:51

Stauffacher, Lee
Hoska Midsummer7:42
Shawn Silvera27:09
Northern Lakes3:09:23

Steadland, Denyce
Monster Dash1:27:38

Steffens, Monty
Run For The Lakes1:33:44
Earth Day1:37:30
Lake Wobegon Trail3:25:15

Steinbach, Mari
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:26:55

Steinbicker, Bill
Run the Valley39:30

Steinbicker, Mary
Autumn Woods Classic31:17
Minnetonka Summer Festival52:30

Steinhagen, Amy
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:22:10
Monster Dash1:46:39

Stennes, Cynthia
Medtronic Twin Cities3:54:33

Stetter, Kristine
Monster Dash2:02:22

Steven, Kris
Bear Water2:42:16
Medtronic Twin Cities3:39:45

Stewart, Robert
MDRA Victory34:26
Autumn Woods Classic35:29
Anoka Gray Ghost36:00
Get in Gear1:12:14

Stewart, Vicki
FireCracker Footrace30:17

Stiff, Darci
Garry Bjorklund2:11:24

Stilin, David
Medtronic TC (adjusted)52:32

Stinson, Kay

Stockham, Michele
Monticello Riverfest22:51

Stodghill, Mark
Medtronic Twin Cities4:41:07

Stokes, Annie
Women Run the Cities1:17:53
Urban Wildland1:41:25

Stoller, Diane
100% Irish for a Day1:26:04
Women Run the Cities1:30:55
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:41:41

Stone, Cathy
Medtronic Twin Cities3:54:58

Stone, Loann
Garry Bjorklund1:43:22

Stone, Michael
Medtronic Twin Cities3:04:42

Stoneking, Diane
Hoska Midsummer7:08
Brian Kraft Memorial24:34
Senior Games25:35
Irish Run Saint Paul40:13
MDRA Victory51:09
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:24:15
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:31:58
New Prague1:53:54
Garry Bjorklund1:55:47
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:59:41

Storm, Dena
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:15:14
Garry Bjorklund1:37:16

Strachota, Anne
Medtronic Twin Cities5:01:26

Strain, Brenda
Healthy Human Race30:13

Strait, Heather

Strand, Rick
Brian Kraft Memorial21:39
Faster than the Pastor21:46
Maple Grove21:57
Milk Run22:14
Irish Run Saint Paul35:19
Get in Gear44:51
Autumn Woods Classic45:14
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:16:30
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:18:05
Garry Bjorklund1:40:43
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:43:12

Strandquist, Patty
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:42:16

Stratton, Jack
Run the Valley32:46

Strauss, Thomas
Anoka Gray Ghost23:12

Strickland, Gordy
Spring Classic1:30:58

Strike, Daniel
Hoska Midsummer4:46
Brian Kraft Memorial16:45
MDRA Victory34:47
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)58:54
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:16:49
Medtronic Twin Cities2:42:48

Strusinski, Dianna
Mother's Day46:42

Stubler, Sharon
Senior Games22:29
MDRA Victory42:56
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:10:18
Monster Dash1:12:08

Stumme, Rebekka
Medtronic Twin Cities3:33:42

Sturtz, Tammy
100% Irish for a Day1:23:38
Medtronic Twin Cities4:11:19

Stylos, Sonya
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:38:34
Red, White & Boom! TC2:12:23

Suffrins, Bill

Sugden, Barb
Shawn Silvera25:52
Festival of the Lakes43:54

Sullivan, Don
Get in Gear1:18:58

Svobodny, Jeanne

Swanberg, Lynn

Swank, Adam
Garry Bjorklund1:12:50

Swanson, Adrian
Brian Kraft Memorial15:28
Medtronic TC (adjusted)52:53
Garry Bjorklund1:09:46

Swanson, Brenda

Swanson, Debbie
Mother's Day30:46

Swanson, Julie
HeartBeat 500047:00

Swanson, Shannon

Swartz, Laura
Women Run the Cities43:25

Swenson, Bryan
Hoska Midsummer6:01
Monticello Riverfest20:11
Brian Kraft Memorial20:54
Irish Run Saint Paul33:08
Get in Gear42:00
MDRA Victory42:33
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:12:15
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:34:56
New Prague1:35:07
Securian Winter1:46:43

Swenson, Janna

Swenson, Julie
Hoska Midsummer8:13
Monticello Riverfest27:13
Brian Kraft Memorial27:28
Irish Run Saint Paul45:18
Get in Gear55:20
MDRA Victory56:41
Securian Winter1:02:05
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:37:03
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:09:45
New Prague2:11:55

Swenson, Lyle
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:24:01
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:50:50

Swenson, Nikki
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:00:35

Swenson, Tammy
Run For The Lakes3:51:35

Sweson, Janna
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:12:15

Swintosky, Jeanne
Challenge Aging27:41
Anoka Gray Ghost27:48
Mother's Day29:22
Hot Chocolate38:06

Sydow, Daniel

Sylvander, Steven
Anoka Gray Ghost20:20

Syring, Doug
Milk Run35:31
Anoka Gray Ghost38:38

Syring, Ken
Healthy Human Race37:54

Syverson, Carol

Tabut, Edward

Tacl, Beth
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:04:59

Talen, James
Healthy Human Race44:26

Taney, Brooke
Farmington Dew Run7:47
Heart of the City26:43
Catch the Spirit27:28

Taplin, Rick
Anoka Gray Ghost17:59
Autumn Woods Classic18:25

Tappe, David
Autumn Woods Classic20:09
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:11:53
Garry Bjorklund1:34:48

Tavakley, Kate
Anoka Gray Ghost20:24
MDRA Victory20:49
MDRA Victory42:14
Heart of the City43:31

Tax, Laurie
Earth Day26:57
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:28:49
Garry Bjorklund1:53:06
Earth Day1:54:22

Taylor, Greg
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:23:04
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:48:16
Medtronic Twin Cities4:03:36

Taylor, Laura
Bear Water2:35:28

Tebben, Joyce
Earth Day31:23

Teibel, Kent
Securian Winter1:57:56

Teigen, Marty
Autumn Woods Classic20:11
Snowflake Shuffle20:48
MDRA Victory42:45
Earth Day1:39:04

Telega, Gary
Earth Day2:19:38
Securian Winter2:37:08
Medtronic Twin Cities6:07:12

Tenquist, Bernice
Anoka Gray Ghost40:48

Tessier, Beth
Women Run the Cities1:41:01

Tessier, Elizabeth
Garry Bjorklund2:07:49

Tessier, Gloria
Park Point44:42

Theisen, Cheryle
MDRA Victory1:08:13

Thelen-Bachmeier, Lisa
Maple Grove1:46:49
Bear Water2:45:59
Medtronic Twin Cities3:50:45

Thies, Eric
Medtronic TC (adjusted)55:48
Garry Bjorklund1:13:30

Thoennes, Jean
Garry Bjorklund2:14:23

Tholen, Jillian
Brian Kraft Memorial17:49
Get in Gear36:41
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:01:57

Tholkes, Larry
Hot Chocolate59:46

Thomas, Steve
Drumstick Dash42:42

Thomford, Deb
Spring Classic1:11:48
Healthy Human Race1:43:31
Med City1:44:46
Medtronic Twin Cities3:50:27

Thompson, Deb
Monster Dash1:29:00

Thompson, Gary
Anoka Gray Ghost24:24

Thompson, Hope
Everybody's Irish38:11

Thompson, Larrry
Run For The Lakes3:52:25

Thoreson, Jack
Fools Five1:04:17

Thoreson, Mary
Garry Bjorklund1:54:40
Blue Ox1:56:36

Thorn, Tammy
Medtronic Twin Cities4:11:49

Thorsett, Ron
Medtronic Twin Cities4:18:53

Tiampo, Matthew
Monster Dash1:14:12

Tibbetts, Willie
Farmington Dew Run6:09

Tibor, Kristine

Tiegs, Diane
Garry Bjorklund2:03:06

Tierney, Robert
Bear Water3:04:08
Medtronic Twin Cities4:11:16

Tinkham, Tom
MDRA Victory34:45

Tisell, Tom
Milk Run17:47

Todd, Kerry
Healthy Human Race1:48:34

Todd-Bense, Brenda
Urban Wildland1:50:46
Securian Winter1:56:27

Tollefson, Carrie
Mother's Day18:06
Milk Run18:27
William A. Irvin18:36

Tomerlin, Betty
Garry Bjorklund2:01:13

Tomsche, Alice
St. Patrick's Irish Traditions45:39
Challenge Obesity45:47
William A. Irvin48:04

Torgerson, Cathy
Fools Five44:26
Spring Classic1:31:46
Med City2:07:52

Torrini, Anthony
Medtronic TC (adjusted)59:49

Trager, Peg
Brian Kraft Memorial30:11
MDRA Victory1:00:09
Monster Dash1:44:01

Trandem, Marvin
Red, White & Boom! TC2:06:21
Medtronic Twin Cities4:18:10

Traul, John
Med City1:47:30

Traxler, Jake

Trees, Kathy
Brainerd Race for the Cure38:30

Trefethen, Dave
Monticello Riverfest26:15
Spud Fest39:48
Crosslake Dam50:11
Lake Wobegon Trail4:05:30
Blue Ox4:09:45
Run For The Lakes4:13:27

Trefethen, Jane
Spud Fest53:46

Trenkmann, Richard
Get in Gear35:11
Brian Kraft Memorial36:53
Irish Run Saint Paul41:55

Trier, Renee
Pine Tree1:06:13
Women Run the Cities1:07:05

Trolander, John
Park Point40:06

Truedson, Erik
Garry Bjorklund1:11:43

Trueman, Rick
Garry Bjorklund1:24:10

Tuccitto, Deborah
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:36:14
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:06:09

Turner, Elizabeth
Get in Gear36:25
Garry Bjorklund1:19:07

Turner, Vickie
Monster Dash1:34:37

Tuseth, Mickie
Hot Chocolate1:27:14
Garry Bjorklund2:04:00
Med City2:04:52

Tuwei, David

Ulseth, Ronald
William A. Irvin31:34

Ulseth, Wanda
William A. Irvin35:24

Unger, Richard

Urdahl, Lisa
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:18:19

Uzarek, Eileen
William A. Irvin25:07

Valgoi, Gina
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:00:09

Valley, Ken
Monster Dash1:29:10

Van Bellinger, Laura
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:19:51

Van Danacker, John
Brian Kraft Memorial17:03
Get in Gear35:05
MDRA Victory35:28
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)59:32
Garry Bjorklund1:15:22
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:17:47
Medtronic Twin Cities2:40:16

Van Der Schans, Albert
Hopkins Raspberry6:35
Get in Gear22:40
Brian Kraft Memorial22:43
Minnetonka Summer Festival37:52
MDRA Victory46:00
Monster Dash1:13:33
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:15:05

Van Der Schans, Cathy
Senior Games27:18
Irish Run Saint Paul43:53

Van Heuvehn, Kevin
Lake Minnewaska1:29:40

Van Lierop, Ben
Autumn Woods Classic56:16

Van Pelt, Lisa
Drumstick Dash57:33

Van Riper, Kay
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:27:52
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:54:01

Van Sickle, June

Van Wychen, Jeff
Monster Dash1:37:27

VanBellinger, Laura
Women Run the Cities1:21:24
Monster Dash1:46:55

Vande Garde, Gerry
Music in Plymouth35:23

Vander Eyk, Terese
Earth Day1:54:04

Vanderbilt, Aileene
Women Run the Cities46:54

Vannelli, Erin
Garry Bjorklund1:45:40

Vanwechel, Anna
Earth Day1:27:21

Vanwechel, Samantha

Vassilopoulos, Danette
Run For The Lakes2:07:37

Veenhuis, Philip
Run the Valley43:41

Vellenen, Suzie
Faster than the Pastor20:50

Vergeront, Joseph
Medtronic Twin Cities2:40:57

Vetter, Paul
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:14:36
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:38:23

Viall, Denise
Monster Dash1:42:20
Red, White & Boom! TC2:08:16

Vickerman, Susan
Urban Wildland1:49:19
Medtronic Twin Cities3:57:37

Virkus, Gustaf

Virkus, Julie
Hoska Midsummer6:20
Brian Kraft Memorial21:15
Senior Games22:34
MDRA Victory43:35
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:11:37
Garry Bjorklund1:36:21

Visness, Carol
Monster Dash1:48:40

Vitalis, Mary
Northern Lakes2:42:49

Vitek, Patti
Bear Water1:44:03
Women Run the Cities1:46:50
Garry Bjorklund2:18:56
Monster Dash2:25:53
Medtronic Twin Cities5:24:51

Voeller, Jerry
Bear Water3:08:28
Medtronic Twin Cities4:19:05

Voight, Angie
Hoska Midsummer5:32
William A. Irvin18:36
Brian Kraft Memorial19:03
MDRA Victory19:26
Irish Run Saint Paul32:12
MDRA Victory38:32
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:03:09

Vsetecka, Danielle
Healthy Human Race1:24:14

Wacker, Dennis
River Rat22:10

Wagner, Carston
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:12:19
Garry Bjorklund1:30:02

Wagner, Debra
Minnetonka Summer Festival43:06

Wagner, Sarah
Medtronic Twin Cities3:17:24

Wahlberg, Liz
Women Run the Cities1:40:00

Wahman, Bob
Get in Gear1:15:27

Waight, Todd

Waldera, Ed
Get in Gear50:37

Waldera, Edward
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:26:20

Waliczek, Donna
Medtronic Twin Cities4:47:03

Wallace, Kathryn
Bear Water3:18:20

Wallach, Dennis
Irish Run Saint Paul30:20
Garry Bjorklund1:21:25
Ron Daws1:42:38
Medtronic Twin Cities3:00:44

Wallin, Raquel
Spud Fest46:31
Monster Dash1:54:26

Wally, Charles
Run for the Melon29:22

Walseth, Heather
Garry Bjorklund1:30:20

Walsh, Debra
Ron Daws2:40:10

Walsh, Jay
Bear Water1:14:30
Monster Dash1:16:07

Walter, Mary
Garry Bjorklund2:07:11

Walter, Pam
Earth Day1:35:11
Scenic Byway1:38:16

Ward, Janet
William A. Irvin31:49

Ward, Julie
Women Run the Cities23:53
Medtronic Twin Cities4:10:14

Ward, Laura
Maple Grove2:07:20
Medtronic Twin Cities4:35:06

Warndahl, Carol

Warren, Kersten
Medtronic Twin Cities3:21:45

Warshaw, Erin
Medtronic Twin Cities3:51:42

Warshaw, Jeffrey
Medtronic Twin Cities3:13:45

Wartman, Jakob
Medtronic Twin Cities2:37:14

Warzecha, Gloria
Monster Dash1:26:37

Waslaski, Janelle
Monster Dash1:43:00
Medtronic Twin Cities3:37:57

Wasson, Ann
Hoska Midsummer6:45
Milk Run22:02
Get in Gear44:36
MDRA Victory45:28
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:13:33
Bear Water1:14:57
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:18:39
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:43:03
Securian Winter1:46:08

Wateland, Elizabeth
Monster Dash1:43:59
Medtronic Twin Cities3:37:01

Watsick, Frank
William A. Irvin31:10

Webber, Leigh
Medtronic Twin Cities4:14:02

Weber, Anna
Hot Chocolate31:09

Weber, Mary
Milk Run31:45

Weber, Wade

Weber-Paxton, Sheryl
Hopkins Raspberry7:33
Greenway's Gridiron Gallop26:13
William A. Irvin26:24
Brian Kraft Memorial26:43
Irish Run Saint Paul44:27
Pursuit for Living Well44:55
MDRA Victory54:48
Get in Gear55:48
Rock the Pavement56:23
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:41:31

Weckwerth, Craig
Healthy Human Race1:30:48

Weckwerth, Jody
Healthy Human Race1:50:01

Weddle, Thom
Farmington Dew Run8:01
Hoska Midsummer8:20
Senior Games29:33
Senior Games1:03:37

Weets, Dona

Wegner, Lana

Weier, Pamela
Brian Kraft Memorial21:41

Weisbecker, Julia
Get in Gear43:28
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:10:45

Weispfennig, Scott

Weiss, Joy
MDRA Victory42:43

Welch, Matt

Weller, Judy
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:33:27

Welsch, Wendy

Wenaas, Claude
Get in Gear2:04:28

Wendel, Barbara
Pine Tree37:19

Werner, Mark
Red, White & Boom! TC1:38:14

Westerlund, Dick
Healthy Human Race2:06:21

Westra, Ruth
Garry Bjorklund2:31:17

Westrup, Alyssa

Westrup, Jesse
Lake Minnewaska1:17:14

Wetter, Lance
Delano 4th of July22:48

Weyer, Lonnie
Monster Dash1:13:28

Wheeler, Lisa
Pursuit for Living Well47:04
Monster Dash1:29:55

White, Carole
Women Run the Cities34:59
Halloween Fearless36:18

White, Mark
Medtronic Twin Cities3:13:11

White, Sara
Scenic Byway1:44:32

Whitehouse, Beverly
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:54:56

Whiteman, David

Whitesell, Heather
Women Run the Cities1:29:55

Whiting, Matthew
Garry Bjorklund1:28:48

Wicklund, Richard
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)2:01:40
Jeff Winter City of Lakes2:37:46

Widmer, Marise
Bud Break23:19
MDRA Victory23:23
MDRA Victory47:13
Medtronic Twin Cities3:58:46

Wiebesiek, Laurie
New Prague2:57:19
Circle the Lake3:08:22

Wiebke, Derek

Wiitala, Jeannine
Medtronic Twin Cities3:49:08

Wiitala, Lynne
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:28:55

Wilcox, Jenny
Brian Kraft Memorial19:13

Wilkens, Nola
Monster Dash2:21:05

Wilking, Gale

Willaert, Lisa
Monster Dash1:49:13
Garry Bjorklund1:52:45

Wille, Jerry
Fools Five32:15

Willemsen, Jane
Hot Chocolate27:07

Willett, Marcia
FireCracker Footrace35:57
William A. Irvin36:57
Everybody's Irish41:01

Willford, Frances
Brian Kraft Memorial24:27

Williams, Angie
Get in Gear38:20

Williams, Carol
ALS Super Hero Dash30:26

Williams, Jackie
Hot Chocolate31:57

Williams, Linda
Monster Dash1:15:49

Williams, Marcia
Earth Day1:58:07

Williams, Pamela
Kids Against Hunger31:54

Williamschen, Laura
Witch Hazel33:00

Williamson, Jacquie
Blue Ox2:27:17

Wilmot, Lisa

Wilson, Gail
Women Run the Cities27:43

Wilson, Jessica
Medtronic Twin Cities3:28:48

Wilson, Joan
Witch Hazel24:14

Wilson, Mike

Wilson, Ralph
Securian Winter2:42:59

Wilson, Rhona
Medtronic Twin Cities3:23:05

Windels, Steven
Run For The Lakes1:30:15

Windholz, Lucas

Windus, Lynn
Garry Bjorklund1:53:18

Winter, Clarence
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:39:24
Garry Bjorklund1:57:03

Wintheiser, Cole
Monster Dash55:54

Wirt, Mark
Farmington Dew Run5:29
Hoska Midsummer5:36

Wirth, Rochelle
Senior Games20:06
Irish Run Saint Paul32:27
Get in Gear40:17
Senior Games41:00
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:07:16
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:07:45
Monster Dash1:29:09
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:29:17

Wise, Jen
Women Run the Cities1:15:25

Wisniewski, Joan
Healthy Human Race34:25

Withbroe, Christine
Gopher to Badger1:40:10

Wohlfeil, Nate
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:00:57
Bear Water1:01:45

Wolf, Amy
Red, White & Boom! TC1:56:22
Northern Lakes2:50:51
Medtronic Twin Cities4:07:29

Wolters, Lynn
Medtronic Twin Cities3:36:23

Wondra, Claudia
Securian Winter2:14:58

Wong, MahLee
Women Run the Cities1:05:57

Woo, Tom
Irish Run Saint Paul34:06
Spring Classic1:06:07
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:07:15
Garry Bjorklund1:33:42

Wood, Yoshiko
William A. Irvin22:48
Park Point35:42

Woolman, Fred
Healthy Human Race2:26:57

Woolsey, Amy
Earth Day1:45:00

Worth, Coralyn
William A. Irvin46:55

Worthington, Clark
Medtronic Twin Cities5:08:44

Wotruba, Mary

Wucherpfennig, Nancy
Farmington Dew Run9:11
Monster Dash1:49:55

Xiong, Laurie
Hot Chocolate1:09:07
Red, White & Boom! TC1:38:41
Bear Water2:37:21
Medtronic Twin Cities3:32:30

Yang, Tony
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:06:42
100% Irish for a Day1:07:24
Monster Dash1:24:04
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:26:52
Gopher to Badger1:28:15
Securian Winter1:30:34
Medtronic Twin Cities3:03:05

Yetzer, Elizabeth
Irish Run Saint Paul28:22
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:03:41

Yndestad, Cathy
Urban Wildland1:33:42

Yoder, Leslie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:56:35

Yoon, Hyun
Brian Kraft Memorial17:49
Get in Gear36:55
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:00:25
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:02:18
New Prague1:21:41
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:22:26

Zack, Mary
Snowflake Shuffle42:20

Zanker, Kevin
Farmington Dew Run5:10
Monster Dash1:20:50

Zappa, Allie
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:27:46
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:55:08

Zbikowski, Tim
Get in Gear22:50
Be the Match22:54

Zeleznikar, Jody
Get in Gear42:50
MDRA Victory42:54
Garry Bjorklund1:34:37

Zetterlund, Allen
Brian Kraft Memorial19:55
Irish Run Saint Paul30:44
Get in Gear38:18
MDRA Victory39:35
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:05:52
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:26:34
Earth Day1:26:51

Zimmer, Mary
Twin Cities Lung Run24:20

Zuehlke, Katie
Medtronic TC (adjusted)1:09:15
Garry Bjorklund1:33:43

Zunich, Erin
Jeff Winter City of Lakes (split)1:06:27
Jeff Winter City of Lakes1:27:06

diGrazia, Jody
Women Run the Cities1:26:05