I signed up for my first MDRA training course post signing up for my first marathon in 2015.  As someone who started running after 50 years old, I wasn’t sure what to expect and was anxious about training.  All my fears were quickly put at ease by the excellent coaches and team leads, who helped me successfully prepare to complete four marathons to date.  The support and expertise has been phenomenal.  Highly recommend regardless what your skill level.  I’ll be training with MDRA in the spring of 2018, in preparation for marathon number FIVE.  Can’t imagine doing this without MDRA! – Mary F.


Why am I a member of the MDRA? Because despite my faults and imperfections the MDRA accepts me for the person I am – a running addict. Thank you for being my support group all of these years! – Tom T.


I am an MDRA member because I like to support the sport I love.  MDRA manages many races that are accessible and affordable to all ages and levels of runners.   It provides runners with a sense of community and a forum to find running groups. – Bill H.


The class, the coaches, and the TL’s coached me through my first marathon and they couldn’t have been more supportive. Everyone was very welcoming and very knowledgeable. The group runs and classes were always exactly what I needed and knowing that Gloria and Sarah were at Mile 24 motivated me through the whole race. I also made some great friendships. Thank you!! – Rachel G.


I had run in MDRA training classes for several years. After having a baby in 2015, I waited a bit to get back into running and training for marathons. I was nervous to come back to MDRA classes after being out for a while and Gloria and Sarah made me feel right at home and confident again. I loved the training season. They provided enough support that I knew I could count on them and my fellow runners to get me through to TCM. Sarah and Gloria provided quality information and well planned runs. Also, I loved how they explained why we do certain runs at certain times and added instruction in nutrition and mental preparation. By the end of this training period, I had made new friends and got my running confidence back. So excited to keep MDRA running in my life! – Anne S.

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