2020 Races Submitted
Date Weekday Time Location Sponsor Event Annual Distance Aided? Certification Competition Received Date added Qualifiers Notes
01/01/20 Wednesday 10:00 AM Maple Grove CharitiesChallenge.org New Year's Day Hopeful 11 5k No MN15009RR 01/13/20 2 0M, 2W Results, Photos, 75 finishers, 23F, Cloudy, snowy/icy trails
02/08/20 Saturday 10:00 AM Minneapolis TCMEvents.org Valentine's Day TC 35 5k No MN17001RR MDRA-2 02/11/20 56 22M, 34W Results, Photos, 1449 finishers, 10F, sunny, dry roads
02/09/20 Sunday 10:00 AM Maple Grove CharitiesChallenge.org Valentines Hearts 'r' Running 11 5k No MN15009RR 02/14/20 0 0M, 0W Results, Photos, 38 finishers, 15F, Cloudy, end of 4" snowfall, uncleared paths

2020 season ended short with Pandemic declaration mid-March.