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Dear Race Director:

Minnesota has a long history of recording long-distance running results, including state age records. We need your help to continue that tradition.

Here's a recap of how you can help with your races:
-- Please remember to have at least two independent timers in place at the Finish and record the winner's time with both.
-- Fill out the documentation form, which is attached to this email. [NOTE: online at]
-- Email/snail mail the attached form (info is on the form).
-- Email the results in a CSV file (or other text file) to

Results need to contain (at a minimum) last name, first name, age, gender, city, state and Gun Time.

The list of races on certified courses included in 2018 for the Minnesota Runners of the Year can be found at We would like to include your races in 2019 once the documentation and results are received.

Your efforts not only validate extraordinary performances of the competitors, but also reflect upon the success of your event.

If you need help or have questions regarding the submission process please contact

Thank you.

Mike Setter

MN State LDR Record Keeper