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To Our Run Minnesota Members

We are deeply grateful for your continued support. Your commitment to our organization has been instrumental in our ability to provide high-quality programs and services to our community.


Updates to Membership Pricing & Tiers

The decision to increase membership prices – our first dues increase since 2007 – has been a thoughtful one. We made it in response to inflation and the rising costs of goods and services.  An increase in dues will support our financial stability and position us to better sustain the resources Run Minnesota requires for continued success as a nonprofit. 


Starting June 15:

Individual Membership dues will increase to $35 a year with a $5 savings  for a two-year plan. 

Dual Membership will take the place of Family Membership. This tier is designed for two people from the same household. Annual dues will increase to $60 with a $10 savings for a two-year plan. 

Sustaining Membership will now only be for individuals and will be available for a limited time each year, from November to January. This will help members get the most value from their plan. Annual dues will increase to $200.

New Junior Membership! We are excited to announce this new tier for youth 18 and under. This running “starter kit” will include running-related swag items for $15. Youth in this plan will receive a new item from Run Minnesota each year with renewal.


Improvements to Member Dashboard

Our member dashboard has a new look and improved functionality! We made these updates to help you more effectively access your member benefits. Please log in to our dashboard and take a look around.

If you are accessing the dashboard for the first time, please create a login & password to access your account.

We understand that change can be challenging. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email at We are here to address any inquiries and provide assistance as needed. 

Membership Updates FAQs

1. What are the membership tiers and benefits? 

Individual – membership for one person 

Dual – two people living in the same household

Student – discounted rate for people ages 19-25 

Benefits included in our Individual, Dual, and Student Plans:

      • Run Minnesota Race Discounts: $40 value
      • Run Minnesota Training Discounts: $55 value
      • Print publications and online resources
      • Free PDF 5k & 10k Training
      • Run Minnesota Merchandise Discounts: 20% off
      • Discounts at locally participating running stores ranging from 10-20%

Junior – New! Youth membership for 18 and under

Benefits included in the Junior Plan:

      • A running “starter kit” with a youth swag set (stickers /water bottle/drawstring bag). No Annual Calendar comes with this membership.

Sustaining – For individuals only. Available annually from November to January

Benefits included in our Sustaining Plan:

      • Premium swag item (jacket or sweatshirt)

      • All Run Minnesota race fees waived: $190 value

      • Training Discounts: $55 value

      • Annual Calendar: $20 Value

      • Free PDF 5k & 10k Training

      • Run Minnesota Merchandise Discounts: 20% off

      • Discounts at locally participating running stores ranging from 10-20%


2. How much will the membership prices be?

New Run Minnesota Membership Pricing Starting June 15, 2024

    • Individual $35/year $65/ 2 years

    • Dual (Two in the same household) $60/year $110/ 2 years

    • Junior (18 & under) $15/ one time

    • Sustaining (covers all Run Minnesota race fees) $200/person (no family)

    • Student (19-25) $30/year $50/ 2 years



3. What do my membership dollars do for Run Minnesota? 

• Member Benefits: Membership dues make it possible for us to provide a wide range of benefits to our members.

• Financial Stability: Membership dues are vital for maintaining the financial stability of Run Minnesota. Dues offer a consistent and predictable source of income, allowing our nonprofit to budget effectively, plan for the future, and weather economic downturns.

• Funding Growth and Innovation: Run Minnesota uses the revenue generated from membership dues to pay staff, expand our offerings and innovate. This might involve launching new programs and investing in running communities that need support and infrastructure. 

• Mutual Aid & Advocacy: Dues serve as a form of mutual aid by making it possible for us to offer training and race scholarships to people in our community experiencing financial barriers and those who have historically been excluded from the sport of running. Dues also support our advocacy efforts and help us drive positive change within the running community.

• Financial Independence: Relying solely on donations, grants, or events can be precarious. Membership dues provide a level of financial independence that reduces our reliance on other sources of income.