Lou Ann Kycek

Open Board 

Programs Committee ChAIR

Let see … I just pulled out my first saved training log and it was from 2006 – I ran 5 miles a whole whopping 3 times that year – Wow! All my other runs were 2-4 miles with each week averaging 8-11 miles. I still remember my very first 8 mile run and how I cried when I got back home – I couldn’t wait to tell people!!! The only one that cared was my father-in-law Fred Kycek – thank you Fred for supplying my only 2 warm up suits and encouraging me to join Run Minnesota. Running started for me with a simple “walk 30 seconds, run 30 seconds for 3 miles” and it built from there. My motto back then was, “I need to start living my life instead of just existing”. I’ve run 4 marathons – all TCM, but my favorite distance is the HALF. 2013 was my best “PR at every HALF” year as I participated in 18 events. I started running with the marathon training groups Fall 2017 and I can’t imagine missing out!

Well, I am a runner:) I think I have a pretty extensive background in personal fitness, nutrition and just health in general. I’m a 30 year Certified Medical Assistant  and my position at work allows me to utilize these passions  to help patients set goals and work toward them using skills I have in behavioral activation and motivational interviewing, as well as having the medical knowledge.  I maintain my CPR certification and just this year (with encouragement from Sarah, Chad and Jenny) I decided to go ahead and get my running coach certificate which I did in August. More so to educate myself and also prove to myself that I know what I’m talking aboutJ. I love teaching people/helping them understand better what they are learning.  I’d like to give back to my running community but also keep people interested and motivated to do the same. I love being a cheerleader!!!

I think my participation in our programs, especially track speaks for itself – I love track! I think I’m the only one that has been around every year for 8 years – maybe Bill Dobbs too. We have excellent programs and so many! The one area I know I need to do more of is VOLUNTEER (instead of sleeping in) – I’ve said YES more often this year, so that’s a start.