Kris Hohensee

Open Board

I am a fitness/runner wanna be! I believe in providing healthy fun activities for communities. I have raised 3 boys all of which are farm boys that were heavily involved in sports and continue to be active. I believe in organizations working together as a whole to provide guidance in providing activities such as the various running events that are listed with Run Minnesota.

I currently work for the YMCA of Worthington as the Administrative Services Director. In that position I am responsible for special events which include the annual 10K/5K Run & 5K Walk held every September.

I have been the Tournament Director & Treasurer for The District 4 Hockey for 9 years where I have brought us out of running in the red to being able to financially support the local associations with special training and clinics as well as oversee all of the District tournaments for 9 different associations. I was asked to take on this position after the District Director saw what I was able to accomplish within the local association that I had been involved with for over 15 years.

I have been heavily involved in a number of other non-profit organizations in the area and believe in the work that most of them serve.

I have a degree in non-profit leadership and see the value in this type of work and understand the business end of these types of organizations.

I do not have a specific interest in any one area of focus. I have experience in several of the areas; currently involved in Governance in other organizations as well as professionally. Foundation – I am a grant writer and work on the other end of regularly.

Race – I am a coordinator for my local race.

Promotions/Publications/Programs – have worked on these both as a volunteer and professionally. 

I am open to serving in any way that my skills would be most helpful.