1988 MDRA Grand Prix Champions
Age divisions
M18-34 1Pete Kessler W18-34 1Kelly Kruell
M35-39 1Doug Suker W35-39 1Marina Jones
M40-44 1Dick Ruhland W40-44 1Carol Klitzke
M45-49 1Andy Deters W45-49 1Loretta Helling
M50-54 1Myron Anderson W50-54 1Mae Horns
M55-59 1Greg Prom W55-59 1Jan Lloyd
M60+ 1Alex Ratelle W60+ 1Mary Lou Carlson

Star Tribune, February 9, 1989:

Kelly Kruell and Pete Kessler won the open division of the Grand Prix series administered by the Minnesota Distance Running Association. Kruell, 28, of Minneapolis, earned 36 of a possible 63 points; Kessler, 26, of Shoreview, earned 107 of a possible 126.

Points are based o the number of Grand Prix contestants in a race. The races were the TAC all-comers meet mile in February, the St. Patrick's day 8k, Get in Gear 10k, Robin Hood half-marathon, Easy Does It 5-mile, Kaiser Roll 5k, Hennepin-Lake Classic 5k, City of Lakes 25k, Twin Cities Marathon, and Rocky's Run cross-country 8K.

Winners in the other divisions were Marina Jones, Burnsville, and Doug Suker, Minneapolis, 35-40; Carol Klitzke, Osseo, and Dick Ruhland, Montgomery, 40-45, Loretta Helling, Farribault, and Andy Deters, Bloomington, 46-50; Mae Horns, Edina, and Myron Anderson, Coon Rapids, 50-55, Jan Lloyd, Minneapolis, and Gred Prom, St. Anthony, 55-60, Mary Lou Carlson, Minneapolis, and Alex Ratelle, Edina, 60 and over.

1988 schedule:

  1. TAC all-comers meet mile
  2. Human Race 8k
  3. Get In Gear 10k
  4. Robin Hood Half Marathon
  5. Easy Does It 5-miler
  6. Kaiser Roll
  7. Hennepin-Lake Classic 5k
  8. City Of Lakes 25k
  9. Twin Cities Marathon
  10. Rocky's Run 8k