Clark Weyrauch

Open Board

My name is Clark and I’ve been a faithful runner for about 10 years. I live in Saint Paul with my wife Lily and work as a Music Director at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Eden Prairie. In addition to my work at Immanuel, I also sing with the Minnesota Opera. Besides my musical life, running is pretty much my main hobby.

While I’m mostly a solo runner, I do run with the Capital City Runners which is an informal running group that meets a few days a week at the Highland Park Lifetime. For the longest time I never really considered myself a “runner.” I never ran races and I didn’t “look” like a runner. I just liked to run and didn’t really need a reason to do it. Well, it turns out, I think I’m a runner. From that 320-pound college senior slogging along the banks of the Red River in Moorhead to this year running 2000+ miles, the journey has been incredible.

I think the biggest highlight would be running Grandma’s Marathon with my mom who as a life-long runner has been my running partner in crime.

–  Music Director/Program Director- Immanuel Lutheran Church

– Develop and execute an annual calendar of programming to deliver against long term community growth goals

– Lead cross-functional coordination across internal staff and community members to deliver effective events multiple times per week

– Iterate programming to accommodate short term goals and adapt to shifting community needs

– Adapted programming from physical to virtual within weeks, working to deliver like experiences to the community while preserving long term growth goals

– Lead technical work to edit, stream, and cut music and video to deliver against production expectations

– Produce, archive, and document against all content development efforts to keep organized and provide the ability to improve monthly, quarterly, and annually through event post mortem assessment

– Manage a team of support staff to effectively execute all events

Other Relevant Skills

– Event Planning and Execution

– Public Speaking

I’m interested in work in Diversity and Inclusion as it relates to programming. I think it would be exciting to see how we can grow the running community in Minnesota so that all people feel welcome no matter their race, gender, ethnicity, or body size.